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Windows 10 Cal App - mismatch colorsHi there,My primary Cal is Google Calendar. I have syned it to the windows 10 cal app on my surface pro 4. The issue is, for some reason, the calendars colors as mismatched where some events are full colored in and some are just the outline of that color. There doesntseem to be a pattern to this either.Also, i have multiple calendars, one for work, one of school, one for private etc.

Windows 10 Blue OutlineWindows

And use that system to color code my events and schedule. Now if one cal is colored blue another gre and another red, what happens is that in each of those some events willeither be solid blue and some blue outlines, some solid grey and some grey outlines, some solid red and some red outlines. This just makes for an unorganized and unappealing cal yes any help would be appreciatedthank you.

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