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Contents PersonalityStrong and outgoing, Balto is smart and trustworthy, and cares deeply for others, but is a bit shy. He is very kind and loyal, but can be impulsive when it comes to Steele and Jenna. In the first film, he desired to be a sled dog but is ashamed of his wolf heritage, as it causes him to be bullied by the people of and by most of the various dogs, but after safely delivering the Antitoxin, he finally learns to accept it, and he learns that being part wolf is a strength and not a weakness. And he is also known as benevolent, adventurous, lovable, trustworthy, optimistic, big-hearted, athletic, level-headed, thoughtful and open-minded.AppearanceAs a wolf-dog, he has brownish-gray fur, light two brown dots on his eyes, pinna & underbelly, brown ears and large paws.

He also has a yellow sclera In the first movie. In the second, his fur is now been pure gray and the yellow sclera is absent!

In the third, he has brownish=purple fur.Biography BaltoAt the beginning of the film Balto is a stray and is disliked by the people of Nome. He was first seen with his adoptive father Boris during the race. He goes to watch it, where he later sees Jenna and falls in love with her. When Steele and his team come into Nome for the finish, 's hat is suddenly blown onto the racing path. Rosy tries to get it, but Jenna holds her back.

Balto, seeing what happened, jumps into the race as Steele's team approaches. Balto outruns the incoming team and grabs it. Balto brings the hat to Rosy, who's very grateful. Rosy's father scares Balto away, warning Rosy that he's part wolf and might bite her. Balto walks away, rejected and disappointed.Later, Balto hears Rosy's voice, excited at the thought of seeing her. He races to meet her, but can't slow down in time and ends up bumping into Jenna. Jenna is surprised until her owners call her, but when she looks back, Balto is gone.

Jenna tries to find him again until her owners called her once more and she leaves. Balto walks down an alleyway with Boris who is trying to comfort the disappointed half wolf. On their way back to the ship wreck where Balto lives, they meet, and, who mock Balto about being a half breed. Steele tells Balto that he has a message for his mother, then howls like a wolf. This makes Balto angry, but Balto refuses to fight. Steele and his dogs laugh and kick snow at him, and he runs away.

Balto leaves town and heads to his home, a wrecked old boat. On the way, he sees a, reminding him of his half wolf heritage. The wolves howl at him in greeting, but Balto does not return it, and goes back to the boat, ears drooping.Balto is then visited by, two polar bears who annoy Boris, who then pretends to challenge the pair to a race in an attempt to get rid of them. Later Balto is sitting on his boat staring off into space, Boris asks him 'And just what is so interesting?' Which Balto responds 'Jenna.' Boris tells him that he's in love with her and told him to tell Jenna how he feels until Balto denies it saying 'Nah, she's not my type.' 'And why not?'

Responds Boris. Balto stays quiet, 'This wolf business again?' He question's Balto asking him what's the matter with being half and half, before admitting that he wishes he was half eagle, bewildered. Balto asks why and Boris says that he would have 'a bit of profile for one thing', 'and nobody eats you for another'.'

A bit later, Balto visits Jenna who is waiting outside the hospital. Balto tries to ask her out on a date, chasing sticks by moonlight, Jenna ignores him, staring upset, into the hospital window, Balto asks her what is wrong, 'Rosy's in there,' she responds, Balto asks why she's in the hospital, Jenna says that Rosy feels warm and has a terrible cough, 'Balto, what's wrong with her?' She asks nervously, Balto says he doesn't know, but he knows how to find out, he leads Jenna into the boiler room, and shows her the way through the ventilation system to a small space under the building, and using colored broken bottles and light from the vent to project a image of the on the wall, Jenna gazes at the lights, she says 'It's beautiful.'

'Yeah, beautiful,' Balto responds, but instead looking at her, Jenna turns to him, and they touch noses but are interrupted by the sound of footsteps on the vent they turn and look, after listening they discover that Rosy has Diphtheria, a deadly disease, which the doctor exclaims that he is out of anti-toxin. Jenna, runs away crying, Balto follows her and says he's sorry for taking her to see what was wrong with Rosy, Jenna, however, says that she's glad he did.Suddenly, Steele waltzes in with a string of stolen sausages. He offers them flirtatiously to Jenna right in front of Balto, which angers him.

Jenna, seeing this, tricks him into burning himself on the boiler. Steele yelps, and Balto and Jenna take off, two humans with a light come to see what all the noise was and Balto ends up framed for Steele's crimes.

Meanwhile most of the children of nome have fallen sick, and the hospital is out of antitoxin, the people of Nome, in several attempts to send it in alternate ways, must select the fastest dogs in town to run a, 674 miles to get more antitoxin. A race is being held to decide the dogs to be on the sled team.

Balto wishes to run the race, but Boris, discourages him. Balto enters the race and wins, coming in first place. Even though he came in first place, Steele ignores the fact that Balto won and when Balto points out that 'I was the fastest dog' Steele quickly revolts and says 'You were the fastest what?' Still picking at him for being part wolf.

While Jenna tries to stick up for him and tells Steele to worry more about the medicine instead of worrying about him being in the team, Steele stomps on Balto's paw and the judges declare that he may turn on them because he is part wolf, Jenna tries to apologize but angrily Balto walks away. Steele leads the team out of Nome.

After getting the antitoxin, Steele's team gets lost in a blizzard on the way back, as the children of Nome, get sicker. After hearing the news of the lost team, and the thought of Nome, losing its children, Balto decides he must go after Steele and his team and see what has become of them and the medicine, or die trying, he leaves Nome with Boris, and Muk & Luk tag along as well.The grizzly bear pinning Balto.Back in Nome, waiting outside the hospital, Jenna stumbles on Balto's scent, and decides to follow him. Balto and his friends are moving along the trail, Balto is marking their path by clawing the bark off trees leaving a trail, Balto senses they're being watched, and decides the only thing to do is to keep moving, which he does, except his friends Boris, Muk, and Luk. Muk and Luk stayed, having a snowball fight.

Boris is all ready to put a end too the snowball fight, when he backs into a wall of fur, which he wasn't expecting. He turns around to see a. The bear attacks them and gets them trapped under a bunch of branches, Balto hears the fighting and comes running back, and hurls himself on the bear, but is quickly thrown off and pinned down, as the bear begins to crush him Jenna appears and jumps on the bear making it let go of Balto. The bear stands up and steps backwards nearly crushing Muk, Luk, and Boris trapped. Jenna then wrestles with the bear but is, like Balto, thrown off. The bear then turns back to Balto, who it follows down to a a frozen lake, Balto stands to face the bear, but the ice cracks, taking both the bear and Balto under. (If certain characters aren't here, that means that they've not had any thoughts about them nor interacted with them.

Feel free to summarize their perspective. (Fanfictions NOT included))BorisBoris is Balto's father-figure. Sometimes he'll convince him to go into town, he also likes playing with him. But Boris was there for him. When Steele bullies him, he tells him he's not apart of this, later, when he had a crush on Jenna he wanted to ask her but he was nervous of the possible results but Boris gave him motivation and hope that his 'half-and-half' can presumably attract her as he wished he was half eagle. Boris would watch him enter the race and cheer for him, when Balto was looking for Steele, Boris would assest him in his dangerious adventure but if he was in danger Balto would protect Boris from danger even if it means putting his life in the line. When Boris tells Muk & Luk to go home and be careful, he asks him to follow them since they seem to need his help more.

Boris tells Balto to safe, Once Bato came back with the medicine, he'll be happily reunited with him.When Balto had his off-spring, he be worried about Aleu do to her take more features from him, Boris was worried with as well, when no one wanted Aleu, Boris would help Balto take care of her with him even if she also gets her life taken away from a. Soon, when Boris finds him in the forest, he wants him to tell Jenna that he'll come back with their daughter.After the event, Balto would be told by him that he likes a female goose but he was afraid to tell her that he is afraid fly, Balto tries him overcome his fear but always never seems to work.

Later, when he realize that Duke was lost, he remembers that Boris was in the plane also so he also heads there to help him.Jenna “Won't be the first time!— Balto to Jenna”When Balto first saw Jenna he started to have a crush on her, Balto would befriend Jenna as he'll try to help her in anyway possible but he had doubts about them ever being together due to his wolf-side as he has feelings for Jenna but she might change about it. As Balto saw Jenna looking through a window he wanted to ask her out but when he saw her upset he decide to helped Jenna to find out was wrong with Rosy. He asks her to follow him and takes her to the boiling room and under the hospital and once they're under there he shows her a trick with the broken bottles and impresses her. When Jenna found out what was wrong with Rosy she gets sadden but she thanks Balto for knowing the answer to her problem. As Balto help her, Jenna would trick Steele, also stand up for Balto whenever Steele tries to threaten him.But their feelings would grow closer as Balto would risk his own live to save Rosy which would lead to Jenna risking her life to save Balto from a bear as she can see that Balto cares about Rosy which would give Jenna a reason why she'll care about Balto.

When he was rescued under the ice he tells Boris to take her home and Jenna was worried about him go alone but Balto assures that he'll be fine. When Jenna gives Balto his scarf she nuzzles Balto's neck and fur and they both lock eyes for a moment and nuzzles with each other but they would be interrupted when Nuk was crying. Balto promises Jenna that he'll come back, later, Balto lost hope in saving Rosy and failed Jenna but he'll be encourage by a white wolf.

Once Balto made it back he was happy and to see Rosy well and happy to see Jenna!After the events, they would get married and have puppies. They be happy with each other for making their own off-springs and they would take their turn taking care of them, Balto would take them far away so they can run. Jenna would tell him that she wants the pups to have owners in a young age as how her mom did. He would be sadden to let them go as same with Jenna. They would both would feel worried if one of their pups ran away, Balto promises Jenna that he'll bring their pup back.When Balto discovered something, he would share it with Jenna as they would both be surprised to find a flying object made out of metal. Later, Balto would tell Jenna his problems to keep Kodi's job and he trusts to tell his problems to her as Jenna would always support him no matter what.

He then tells her that he's going to try to save Duke, when he comes back he'll be again be reunited with Jenna.When they first met with Jenna, Rosy never was hostile to Balto. She'll even offer Balto to join their team but her dad doesn't share the same feelings about Balto.


But when Rosy got sick, Balto would try anything to save her life if that means putting his life on the line. When Balto fell from the cliff, he escapes himself from being buried under the snow and then Balto lost all hope in saving Rosy and failed Jenna but he'll be encourage by a white wolf use his wolf-side and after all the journey, Balto made it back with the medicine, he'll be happy and to see Rosy well and happy to see Jenna!Even when he's married to Jenna, he still spends time with Rosy and her family.Unlike Rosy, her parents were hostile to Balto due to his wolf appearance. They've would also get more hostile if Balto got close to Rosy. They seems to be hostile towards him because of it, however, it's unknown what they think about Jenna being into him but since Balto ends up saving Rosy's life, Her parents would have a change of heart on Balto and now let them get close to Rosy.Steele “Leave him outta this!— Balto to Steele”Balto and Steele are rivals. Balto has hatred for Steele because he mocked him for his wolf appearance and also been threaten by him because of jealousy. When Balto sees him trying to take Jenna away from him he tries to get him away but when Jenna was flirting with him, he thought Jenna was into him till Jenna reveal his attention he glad to see her not into him. When he tries to enter the sled dogs, he'll be deeply rejected by Steele and be disqualified, When he finds out that Steele was lost, he tries to save him even after all what he did to him but Balto would help Steele to bring them back home but Steele would deeply rejects his help and wouldn't even care if he made Balto to get lost., andAlthough they hardly interacted with him without Steele, they would mock Balto because they either don't want to have troubles with Steele.

Unlike Steele, Star has sympathy for Balto, while Kaltag would warn Balto about Steele and Nikki would berate Steele behind his back. They would happily let Balto be their sled-dog member and appreciate his bravery and heroic actions.Muk & LukUnlike Boris, Balto treats them nicely and doesn't talk to them in a rude manner.

Balto Disney

He doesn't mind nor isn't annoyed if they hang out with him but if they are in danger, he would try to protect them.

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