Veera Padhakkam Mp3 Songs Free Download

Veera Padhakkam Mp3 Songs Free Download

Veera Songs Download

Veera songs download mp3

Veera Padhakkam Tamil full movie starring Sathyaraj, Radhika and Urvashi on Pyramid Movies. Directed by Manivannan, music by Deva and produced by Raj Films International. Veera Padhakkam also stars Nizhalgal Ravi, Raghuvaran and Senthil among others.Ever since a kid saw his father being beaten because of his caste but his uncle being felicited, he has dreamed of being a police officer. Kalivardhan(Satyaraj) has finally achieved his aim and as a strapping young man, is now a police constable. Looking to climb the ladder of success by hook or crook, he casts aside his uncle's daughter Thangamma(Radhika) who has been pining for him. She ends up marrying an upright trade union leader(Nizhalgal' Ravi).

With the help of the local MLA and a rowdy Vadivelu (Raghuvaran), he steadily ascends the rungs of authority, finally becoming the DGP. On the way he weds Visalatchi(Urvasi), who has become a minister. During an encounter at the factory of his friends, Kalivardhan s Thangamma's husband and she has been leading a wretched life since then. He runs into her through her son and realizes the error of his ways.Click here to watch:Sathyaraj Tamil Full Movies:Deva Hits - Tamil Movies:Indru Poyi Naalai Vaa Tamil Full Movie:Michael Madan Kamarajan Tamil Full Movie:For all the latest updates:Subscribe:Like:Connect.

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