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Kouichi SakuraiPersonal InformationBirthdayMay 19th,1993SignTaurusBlood TypeAClub/JobSTALLION Gas StationFavorite ColorOrangeFutureHelps parents back homeVoice ActorKouichi is older brother and childhood friend of the protagonist, which makes him one of the main 'princes' of TMGS3. Although his appearance is considered 'scary' and isn't what you would typically think of as a main male lead in the TMGS series, Kouichi is very loyal and has kind heart. He deeply cares about the protagonist and his brother. Though due to his past, he has a habit of getting into fights whether he likes it or not.He often ditches school, which often leads to him being chased down by or as they attempt to block his escape. He also owns a motorcycle, which is not allowed at the school.SpoilersKou is actually a year older than Ruka and would have been the protagonist's senpai, but somewhere down the line, he was held back a grade (likely from skipping too much school).He and Ruka used to be 's neighbor when they were kids and often pulled pranks on him.

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Out of the brothers, Seiji likes Kou the least, having gone a bit too far with some of his pranks and traumatizing him.Ruka and Kouichi aren't biological brothers, Ruka lost his birth parents in an accident at a very young age and Kou's family adopted him. Though Ruka is adopted, Kou still thinks of him as his little brother.Though they aren't blood-related, Kou and Ruka looked like twins in their youth, but before entering high school, Kou changed his hairstyle to look less like Ruka. Likewise, Ruka bleached his hair to look less like Kou.

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