Temple Of The Damned

Might and Magic VI.MarksVersion 2.0 is the most powerful mm6 walkthrough, included all maps of towns/dungeons, locates of treasures/keys/quest items, and repaired many minor bugs. All pictures, descriptions, tablings was rebuilt for better avail and design.I send my best greets to original walkthru maker: Mark Marcelais. PikeBest view at 1280. 1024.New Sorpigal.

Carnage In The Temple Of The Damned

Resets every 6 months. Overlord: -. Dungeons: 3. Expert teachers: 14. Master teachers: -Travel.

By foot. W to (5 days). By boat to. (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 3 days, 100gp). By coach to. (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 2 days, 25gp) Monsters.Efficiency level: easy.

Inn, (Andover Potbello)Expert Identify (Sheila Loompus, 500gp)Expert Perception (Tara D'Cathay, 500gp). Membership to the Buccaneer's Lair (Hejaz Mawsil, 25gp)Seeking Cobra Eggs (Hejaz Mawsil, 1000gp). Membership to the Blade's End (Harold Hess, 25gp). Expert Bodybuilding (Erik Salzburg, 500gp). Expert Meditation (Victor Hosen, 500gp).

Membership to the Self Guild (Violet Dawson, 100gp)(Violet Dawson). Membership to the Elements Guild (Buford T. Allman, 100gp)(Buford T. Obelisk #11. Circus (December-March).

Circus (August-November). Nicolai is here, if running. Inn. Fountain (+2 Endurance permanently). Temple Baa.

Temple Of The Damned

Obelisk #9. Shrine of Speed (June), ask in (#32). Coach Travel. Weapon Store. Master Chain Armor (David Feather, rank 10, Crusaders). (Terry Ros, he has 2 house.

Inn. Expert Ancient Weapons (Pat Skylark). Alchemist Store.

Temple. Docks. Fountain (+20 Magic Resistance temporarily). InnMaster Light Magic (Ki Lo Nee, need Saintly Reputation). Docks.

Shrine of Poison (November), ask in (#32). Obelisk #13. Fountain (+20 Elemental Resistances temporarily) Castle Alamos.Efficiency level: very hard. J Tree 'The first into the half the forth plus one, better hurry or you'll be done!' .

B Tree 'The second is next to the third, ho so pretty like a bird!' . A Tree 'The third is first of twenty six, A through Z you'll have to mix!' . R Tree 'The forth is eight from the end, Archibald really is your friend!' . D Tree 'The fifth is twice the second, five letters in all I reckon!'

. Master Dark Magic (Su Lang Manchu, need Notorious Reputation). Master Ancient Weapon (Rexella, 5000gp, need a Blaster).

Alchemist Store. Weapon Store. Armor Store. Inn. Training Hall (Maximum Level: No limit).

Obelisk #2. Temple Baa. Fountain (+100 spell and hit points). Chest (can reach with Telekinesis Spell only) Sweet Water.

Resets every 8 months. Overlord: -. Dungeons: 1.

Expert teachers: -. Master teachers: - Travel.

By foot. S to (5 days).

E to (5 days)Monsters.Efficiency level: very hard.

Below is a painting guide, explaining the steps taken to paintThe model was initially primed with matt black primer. Fully-painted Temple of the DamnedThe skulls and bone edging can be clearly seen here. Layers of dry-brushing, washing, and a highlight give extra depth to the detail, while adding a feeling of age.

BoneThis is the scheme used for the skulls, bone edging and teeth on the roof. Heavy dry-brush: Army Painter Leather Brown. Lighter dry-brush: Army Painter Barbarian Flesh. Wash: Army Painter Sepia Shade (Let that dry and settle. For the roof, this was only applied to the base of the teeth). Final highlight: Army Painter Skeleton Bone.Sepia, steel and rust tones mix together to give a feeling of age and corrosion. Rusted IronThis is the scheme used on the steps, arches, chains and roof supports.

Full layer: Games Workshop Typhus Corrosion. Heavy dry-brush: Games Workshop Ryza Rust. Lighter dry-brush: Army Painter Gun Metal.

Wash: Army Painter Sepia Shade (applied to crevasses and other parts to give age and more depth to the rust).Dry-brushing grey allows the back primer to create shadow effects between the stones, and give a more realistic brick texture. StoneworkThis is the scheme used for the bricks and stone statues.

Heavy dry-brush: Army Painter Dungeon Grey. Lighter dry-brush Army Painter Ash Grey. Wash: Army Painter Sepia Shade (applied to bases of the columns and to the edges where the bricks meet the iron edging).Technical paints allow extra texture and effects to be added without a huge amount of effort. Roof FleshThis is the scheme used to give a fleshy look to the roof. Full layer: Army painter Dragon Red. Light dry-brush or highlight: Army Painter Barbarian Flesh.

Technical/specialty paint layer: Games Workshop Blood for the Blood God (this paint tends to coagulate quite nicely, so thicker layers are better – it needs to be left to settle and dry). Wash: Army Painter Sepia Shade (to give this a decayed effect where the teeth meet the flesh).Additional notesArmy Painter Sepia Shade was used to tie in the transitions between different areas.

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