Skyrim Trap Race Mod

Skyrim Trap Race Mod

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim remains a milestone game more than five years after its initial release. And since it doesn’t look like we’re getting another entry in Bethesda’s RPG series for a while longer (no, Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t count), even the most dedicated Skyrim player might be looking for ways to get some new life out of the original game.Fortunately, modders have been making vanilla Skyrim better since the game came out. And we’re not just talking about improving the graphics, either (though graphics mods are awesome). At this point, there are mods that add new characters, questlines, enemies, spells, and even new areas to explore. If Skyrim was starting to feel a little dull after five years, these mods will make it feel fresh again. What You’ll NeedThis guide is for the original PC version of Skyrim, not the Special Edition. The original game has the best selection of mods.

Some might be available for the Special Edition too (and a few are also on the Xbox One and PS4 versions), but the original PC game is still the way to go if you want to customize your experience.RELATED:In addition, some of the more advanced mods can’t be found on the, which is the de facto repository (and the easiest to use for beginners). For more complex fare, you’ll want to upgrade to the third-party, which.

You might want to start with (SKSE), a prerequisite for many advanced game mods. Lots of them need the as well. A Better User InterfaceThe user interface in Skyrim is designed to be usable with both a mouse and keyboard and a standard console controller. Regrettably, that means it’s not particularly good at either of them, including a lot of tedious scrolling and no real options for organization. With this installed you can search your inventory by text, organize items by weight when you’re over encumbered, colored icons for item types, and integration across all shop and lootable menus, too. New FollowersThe follower system is a staple of Bethesda RPGs.

But most of the companions you can recruit in Skyrim are either fairly limited characters designed to be battle companions, or tied to specific quests and unavailable for the longer game. There are a wide variety of add-on followers available as game mods that insert new characters specifically designed to be interesting or useful.

Some of the best examples include custom-recorded voice lines from the community, full backstories and quests that flesh out the character, and unique equipment to make them stand out from the polygonal crowd. And are good places to start. Better DragonsThe massive dragon battles in Skyrim differentiate it from the rest of The Elder Scrolls, and they were a huge selling point before the game’s release.

But after a few dozen hours, dragons cease to be any particular challenge, and there are only a handful of different types. To add some spice to Tamriel’s skies, try the, an omnibus mod that combines custom dragons from a bunch of different creators. These souped-up beasts come with custom attacks and creature models, special effects, and lots of combat modifiers that can make them a real challenge.

Speaking of which, if all you want is more epic dragon fights, you can try (which can be combined with Diverse Dragons Collection). If you want even more motivation to become a legendary dragon slayer, which lets you trade a leveled amount of dragon souls for skill improvements instead of the standard dragon shouts.

More Magic and Tougher CombatSkyrim’s magic and combat aren’t its best features—games like Dark Souls and Shadow of Mordor have it beaten dead to rights when it comes to the sheer mechanical joy of fighting. Modders, thankfully, have expanded both of these areas. Makes combat more deadly, making it more important to dodge attacks and find the right time to strike rather than simply tanking or blocking all damage. You’ll have to use actual tactics in each and every fight something most Skyrim players probably haven’t done since they maxed out their Smithing score. There’s not much that can be done for Skyrim’s magic system except expand the spells and effects, but several mods do that to a spectacular degree, including.

Explore New LandsEasily the most ambitious Skyrim mods are the ones that add entirely new areas to the game, or transform existing ones with a ton of new content. Is surely the biggest of the big, adding a whole new island to the land of Skyrim brimming with new characters, new quests, and a new storyline to follow. It’s full of dozens of custom voiced characters, new equipment, spells, and books, and even custom-made music. There’s also, a total conversion that essentially creates an original fantasy RPG using Skyrim as its backbone. With a completely customized continent and dozens of hours’ worth of quests and gameplay, you can think of this as a community-made companion game (that just happens to be free). A few other examples include,. Or Just Change the WallpaperThere are innumerable mods out there that are made and installed just for fun, like the one that or adds a custom “IKEA-born” race. But for a bit of fun that doesn’t actually change Skyrim‘s core gameplay, I recommend.

This mod replaces the flavor text that appears whenever you go to a new area with sarcastic and goofy alternative descriptions. It’s a great way to get a quick chuckle without messing up the balance of the rest of the game.

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Skyrim Trap Race Models

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Provide all necessary information. See for more information.Related Subreddits.Related Websites. (NSFW). Beast Races in Generaladds in beast variations of all helmets that previously would have morphed your argonian or khajiit into a human, and also has additional support for Orcs.Edit: Improved Eyes Skyrim when jenna unhides it is my favorite eye texture replacer and adds a lot of detail to the beast races as well in giving them eyes based off real creatures without the eyes being flat like you find in some other mods.Argonianslets horns show through hoods and helmets instead of just mysteriously vanishing and growing back whenever you change your headgear. Note: You also need the for horns to show through headgear on NPCs.makes the tails a bit thicker and makes them look a lot stronger, also helps to hide that aweful kink in the tail in the idle a great argonian retexture with a few different options for females. Can't seem to get the male textures working, but the female ones are great.puts in an argonian varient for this daedric artifact so you stop morphing into a human the moment you equip it.Khajiits (Only what isnt mentioned in the khajiits thread previously linked)my own mod which lets ears show through hoods like Horns are forever does with Argonians, letting you see their expressions. Also works with NPCs, has an installer for easy picking, I will add mods on request, and also all plugins are mergable into a bashed patch so that you save on space and to increase compatability.JazzJR BodyTexture for and for to make the Coverkhajiit head textures and its also very good quality.

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