Skyrim Se Horse Retexture

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Special edition has better support for mods, standard version has more mods. Last time I checked special edition had no ENBboost which is a must for running ENB with high resolution textures.For graphics you definitely want an ENB.-Amidianborn book of silence has 4k armours and the textures are beautiful.There are a ton of other texture mods worth getting but that is a good place to start.A bigger part of getting your ENB to look good is the lighting.

Skyrim Se Horse Retexture

You should get:-Realistic Lighting Overalland-Climates of TamrielFor quality of life:-Alternate start: live another life (This is a must, lets you skip intro)-Better fast travel (Basically adds more ships and carriages which allows immersive fast travel without using the map)Immersive Mods I really enjoy:-Frostfall (makes it so you can freeze to death, this is extremely well done and has a ton of depth to it).-Better Vampires (basically adds a ton of configureable features to vampirism, like sun damage). This is probably going to be a little long but there's a lot of mods I consider essential.

Skyrim Se Spells On Horse

Skyrim se horses

Skyrim Se Horse Armor

Share.Make 2011 look new again.ByOverhauling a game with mods can be an intimidating process, but the only thing you really need in order to make shine is patience. Since each mod needs to be and configured, it can take hours to get everything in working order - certain methods of, such as S.T.E.P., or the, have been known to take as long as eight to ten hours to fully configure.

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