Skyrim Change Spouse Clothes


Skyrim Change Spouse Clothing

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Or perhaps you do.

Hi,i have a problem with skyrim.i ve married with Farkas in skyrim.But i wanna change his clothes.coz he always wears his armors even how can i change his clothes.plz help.thnxAdmin edit: Topic moved to right section.- ADMIN//EDIThi,hmm.ok didnt answer.but i found it.if somebody wonders this too like is an example.selectthe person you wanna change his or her clothes while in tab cheatpanel.after you select the character you will see an ID at the top ofthe cheat panel.this ID is the character's ID that you selected.thentype this command. Equipitem objectsID. I mean before the command'equipitem' (dont write the quotes) and press space, then enter the IDof the object you would like to equip on your wife or husband inskyrim.

Skyrim Change Spouse S Clothes Mods

One more thing.the item you wanna equip on your spouseshould be available in his or her inventory.also if you dont knowthe ID of the objects in his or her inventory, just type showinventoryafter you select him or her while in cheat panel.then you will see theitems IDs of him or her inventory.and you can page up and page downwith the page up and page down keys on your keyboard.i hope i told it clearly.enjoy.


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