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Want to Fix Splotchy, Improperly Rendered Body Hair on Your Sims? Try This!Tired of ugly, splotchy body hair on your guy (or girl) sims that looks like silly string instead of actual hair? Well, I think at long last we've finally found a solution! This method is experimental, and I've only just tried it in my own game, so use at your own risk. Also, if you notice any strange graphics visuals after trying this, please report it in this thread. All credit goes to kaliban for discovering this, and HystericalParoxysm and heaven for sharing it with me.

  1. Sims 3 Hair Cc

=D. Navigate to your GraphicsRules SGR file in the Electronic ArtsThe Sims 3GameBin. Copy, paste, and rename the GraphicsRules file with an '.orig' extension to make a back up copy. Whenever you patch, you will need to revert to the original file or you could potentially get thrown an error.

Now, open the GraphicsRules file in Notepad and scroll down to the 'setting $VeryHigh' subsection under the 'option SimQuality' section (or, if you don't play the game with sim detail set on very high in the options panel in game, go to the subsection that correlates with your particular settings). Change the prop $ConfigGroup ShaderSkinCompositing true line to false. Save and test!

If all goes well, you should end up with sexy, hairy sims like the one below. I've been playing/testing with this modification for two weeks now, and have seen no graphical problems in my game.In fact, it seems to also have corrected the problem I had with my sims beautiful skins being all 'muddy' and less detailed in play than in CAS.Damn, that sounds great, I also wished skins would look less - well the way you said; muddy. Especially the freckled skins could look better.

I'm going to give a try too. Though I suppose I have to modify the HQ mod file that I downloaded instead the Ea original.

Maybe later the HQ mod creators will upload their Graphic rule files with this trick included. This is with the modified file:This is with the file restored to default:And while these two pictures may suggest that it is due to the lighting conditions (sorry for this!) I checked over the course of a few days in-game and the blotchyness persists in both bright and dark lighting conditions. I posted these pictures because the Sim also uses the black/white tone that comes with an additional overlay and there the issue is the most visible. But my main Sim who is quite dark on the tan tone slider had the same.

The top is without the fix, and the bottom row is with the fix. This time, the skin looks slightly better without the fix on the darker sim, but again the difference in quality is (to me) negligible. However, the difference in the rendering of the body hair is quite pronounced, especially on the darker sim.

Which for me makes up for any loss in quality on their skin tones, but that's of course your decision.I'm sorry this wasn't more helpful! I'm not really sure why it doesn't work as well for you.@TheRedRaven- Are you sure you did it right?

Cause if your body hair didn't change at all, I'm inclined to say that you made a mistake somewhere along the way. Be sure to read over the instructions again, and maybe try clearing your caches (both your regular ones and your world caches).


Yes, the hair rendering did improve like advertised but for me at the cost of having weird skin, don't know why either. Maybe it's my skins, maybe it's yours or your additional alpha map. I did notice that you are using one of those heavily 'painted' skins that already have a lot of colours (sorry, I don't know how better to describe it), like navetsea's.

Both HP's and kanno's are closer to EA default in that they are very smooth.$ConfigGroup ShaderSkinCompositing is already set to false at the lowest graphics settings in GraphicsRules.sgr and that's my experience, as if I had suddenly set the Sim detail settings to low. You do not look in the Sims 3 folder in Documents, where your CC, saves, etc.

Sims 3 Hair Cc

Are.Look in the file directory where you installed the game (usually in Program files x86/Electronic Arts/etc. Although Steam puts it in the same place it puts all the other games you get from Steam.) The note about making a copy before editing is still valid, even though you are not going to be patching. You ALWAYS keep a copy of the original version of any file you edit. It makes it a lot easier to undo the changes if you mess up.

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