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In John 11: 25, we read Christ saying: Whoever believes in me, although he may die, yet shall he live.BREAK THROUGHChrist here is saying: whoever cleaves to the Christ in the abyss where all is lost will come through to the OTHER SIDE!When people speak of ‘believing in God’, many are mis-speaking, & misunderstanding it. It does not mean religiously. To believe is to cleave to God, it means to trust God, as an unknown & hidden reality & truth, sought for but not yet found; to cleave to God means to have faith in, to rely on, to depend on this Great Mystery.Kierkegaard says that we need passion to exist.

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His understanding of passion as necessary to existing is close to the Biblical cleaving. St Paul refers to passion as the 'fervour of our SPIRIT'.Putting the two phrases together, ‘cleaving’ & ‘FERVOUR OF SPIRIT ’, we get this: those who cleave to God will receive the Spirit.Those who cleave to God will know the Spirit directly in the fervour of their spirit.Passion is our cleaving to God. In Greek, passion is what you suffer, inescapably. But the Hebrew ‘cleave’ is stronger in both its passive acceptance of what cannot be changed & in its active way of wrestling that & coming through.To cleave is to adhere, to become a combined ENTITY, a DUAL UNITY, but there is another, meaning: to ‘break open’ or ‘break through.’ To cleave is to FIGHT for something.We are cleaving to a mystery, we are adhering to it & we are cutting through it to reach a far shore otherwise not reachable, we fight to break open, to BREAK THROUGH TO A NEW LAND OF HEART. For God is hidden in the abysses of existence, & that means God is hidden in the deeps of our 'inner self'.May his Holy Spirit give us his deep down inside us.

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Eph 3:16 NIRVJn14:20—Lk17:20-21—P.S. My stories: Awakened Sleeper/Dream Labyrinth; Sublime Embrace; & Oneness with True Love, published on, are about unquenchable thirst for God's Truth, & a tireless quest for His Kingdom.of continually 🎚.

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