Revolution Tv Show Map

Another teen show airing on the CW?' That’s what went through my mind as soon as I heard that the CW was working on a show called The 100 with teenagers as the main characters. And as it turned out, I was wrong.

The show hooked me from the very first episode.Despite getting off to a slow start, The 100 is in a pretty sweet spot right now. With five captivating seasons so far, it's looking to go big with the next one.I am totally addicted! If you are like me, you are looking for some other shows like The 100 while waiting for the next season. Let's take a look. The plot revolves around a group of plane crash survivors. They are forced to work together when they find themselves stranded on a seemingly deserted island with no help in sight.

It starts off as a survival show but soon blends some sci-fi and fantasy elements. We are introduced to time travel, ghosts, smoke monsters, and the afterlife as the show goes on.During its course of six seasons, secrets kept unraveling only to reveal more puzzles. Just when you think you had everything figured out, it surprised you with another layer of mystery, compelling you to stay with it for another few episodes. It's surprising how easily they managed to keep it up for six years. Now that the show is over, will there ever be anything else that can replace it? Probably one-of-a-kind.

It has a legacy which can’t be threatened by any other show. If you love shows like The 100, you will love what Lost has to offer. Just make sure that you have tons of spare time, because once you give a couple of episodes a go, you won't stop. There are a total of 121 episodes. What makes us human? This show asks this question time and again.

Revolution tv show map

Battlestar Galatica is a wonderful sci-fi series, telling a tale of battles between humans and robots for the control of Earth. The roles you may expect are reversed; robots are the ones who display humanity more often than not, obscuring the differences between man and machine.If you haven’t watched this show, put your life on pause and go buy it on Amazon. Everything from the cast, plot line, and acting have been handled with perfection. The actors did an amazing job of expressing the struggles of life.At times, I found narrations to be a bit preachy. There were times when it felt as if the people were making childish decisions. It was a bit too predictable at times.

Apart from that, everything was as good as it gets. It’s one of the most consistent shows I have ever watched. Give it a shot.

Fox has always had an eye for finding talent. It's just that they have had some of the worst executives in the world; they are notorious for cancelling promising shows. There was no doubt that Firefly was amongst the best of its time. From the cast, acting, and gripping script, everything about the series was fascinating.Firefly is the best example of what can happen to an amazing TV show when you don’t have a good team of executives. It was one of the best sci-fi shows to ever hit the screens, never ceasing to amaze its viewers.

They somehow still managed to screw it up. Fox cancelled the show before it could prosper.Enough of my ranting. Here is some good news for you. Even though this show was canceled way before it even reached its prime, there is still a lot of meat to chew on. If you're looking for some good shows like The 100, give Firefly a go. The negative reviews this show received were a bit shocking to me. Granted, it’s not The Walking Dead, but it’s not as bad as some reviews would lead you to believe.

Revolution was never given the chance it deserved.The show is based on a future where governments worldwide have fallen, and there is chaos all around as all electronic devices have mysteriously stopped working. Supplies are scarce, compelling people to form groups if they want to stay alive. The story picks up when some people decide to try to find out the reason behind the black-out. A pattern of discoveries follow and the mystery slowly begins to unravel.

Revolution Tv Show Map Of Wasteland

Every episode answers a few questions while raising a couple more.I really loved the drama. There were some characters I loved to hate, and then there were others I pulled for. It’s such a shame that NBC had to cancel it as it never managed to find its audience. Nevertheless, you still have two full seasons of this post-apocalyptic show to enjoy. Download 28 weeks later. No, Terra Nova is not as good as Jurassic Park, but did you honestly expect it to be?

Comparing a big-budget movie to a TV show is not fair. Delivering eye candy is not the point for most TV shows anyway. They have to focus on a longer storyline and the careful development of characters while maintaining a sense of intrigue. The goal is to get audiences to turn up in large numbers when the next episode airs.I believe this show was criticized for all the wrong reasons. If you give it a shot, don’t be too quick to write it off from your viewing list. Even legendary shows like Stargate and Falling Skies got negative reviews in the beginning and went on to break records. Sadly, Terra Nova was not as lucky as those shows.

It was canceled way before it got the chance to prosper and find its audience. Still, I think there is enough content for anyone to enjoy. Colony is a unique dystopian series. It takes the premise of a future controlled by a police state and and gives it a twist; the brutal regime in control is an invading alien force. The series follows Will Bowman (played by Lost alumni Josh Holloway) as he searches for his missing son. As a former member of the US Army and FBI, he is forced to help the regime hunt down members of a resistance group. He eventually becomes a member of the these freedom fighters.This series stands out for taking familiar historical events, such as colonization and Axis occupation during World War II, and giving them a sci-fi twist.

It is a pretty effective way to provoke thoughts on history as well as compare them to similar events occurring today. The setting and characters may not be the most original, but the narrative is very engaging. It's a shame that the show only lasted three seasons. There was definitely quality entertainment during its run. The biggest strength of these shows is their large ensemble casts. It allows for more in-depth storytelling as character development and relationships can be easily intertwined with the progression of the narrative.

Here is a look at the main cast of The 100. Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin: Clarke asserts herself as the leader of the 100 after they are dropped on Earth to test the viability of the air. She is willing to use ruthless tactics to ensure the safety of her people. Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake: Bellamy is a co-leader of the 100. He is very protective of his sister; he willingly shot at the chancellor so he could be shipped to Earth along with her. Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake: Octavia is an outcast on the Ark since they have a strict one-child policy. She is the first of the group to actually set foot on Earth.

She is somewhat troublesome for her rebellious nature. Christopher Larkin as Monty Green: Monty is a valuable asset thanks to being a technological genius and being knowledgeable about pharmaceuticals. Lindsey Morgan as Raven Reyes: Raven is a prodigy as a zero-gravity mechanic.

She is able to escape from the Ark in pod and reach Earth. Richard Harmon as John Murphy: John is one of the few actual criminals who were banished to Earth.

He has his conflicts with the group but eventually develops into something of a leader and abandons his cruel ways. Isaiah Washington as Thelonious Jaha: Jaha is a former chancellor of the Ark. He leads a group of followers to find a co-called city of light. Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Kane: Kane is one of the councilors of the Ark. He was initially in favor of population control, but he changed his viewpoints when he saw Earth was a viable home. I love the 100 for two reasons it’s good and i have the same name as one of the characters.I’m ready for season five to come out on Netflix.

I can’t finding another show I like.I saw a few clips of season five and they have a new enemy. More people from everyone space leade by criminals and a terrorist. Bellamy and Clarke do reunite but Bellamy says with Echo which I think I terrible becouse Echo tried to kill Octavia. I have shipped Bellamy and Clarke trombone episode one. I’m waiting for the show to come out on me Netflix. I really refuse to watch on CW. Only because I love to binge watch the 100.

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Revolution Tv Show Maps


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