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Hey everyone,My dad told me about my Grandfather's walther that he brought back from WWII that he took off a German soldier. I was wondering if there are some good databases out there where I could look up the history of the pistol? Any info is appreciated.All I know is that the slide is longer than the modern day PPK and the caliber was not printed anywhere on the pistol itself.

Hopefully one day I'll get to see and shoot it.Quick question on older firearms. Is modern day ammo safe to use in them and for the PP/PPK series of pistols, do current magazines fit in them?Thanks again. Click to expand.You had better check your soures again. Both the PP u. PPK went into the 900,000 range and then, in about 1940, started over with a letter (P or K) after the ser nr.

By wars end they were, I believe, again in the 400,000 range with the letter.You left out one caliber for both pistols - 6.35mm (25acp). Many more 7.65 (32acp) pistols were made than the other 3 calibers combined.Thus the 7.65 PP is not at all rare, or even uncommon.

The PPK is a bit more so, but still not rare.Sarge. Click to expand.My GF, a French model whom I met on the internet, assures me that they can't put anything on the internet that isn't true. grinRespectfully, Sarge.My source was posted, take it for what it is. My source for much of my info on PP u. PPK pistols is James Rankins 3 vol set on Walther pistols.

I think he gives a lot more detail than Gangarosa. In fact I don't find a copy of his book in my library for some reason.Well I had thought it was the PPK that started at 750K, but even if they both did there is still 250K+ pistols before the 2nd series = letter after the nr, started since PPKs are known into the 1 Million range.Then from the 100,000 P u.

K 2nd series they went into the high 400K range which is another 300,000+ pistols for a total of 750,000+ pistols of both types.I made no claim that all production of either pistol was strictly for the military. There were undoubtably more made for civilian and paramilitary sales than for the military.Does Gangarosa claim that only 83,000 were made for the military? Sure does seem like a low nr since guns with WaA show up with some regularity.Sarge. Click to expand.Here's my story.

My grandfather came back from the war and was bummed about not being able to bring back anything. His cousin was able to bring back a Walther PP and gave to grandpa. Now I am 'borrowing it.' I took it to a gun shop to see if they could tell me anything about it. All of the numbers match. There is the Nazi eagle, but without the swastika.

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Pp With No Serial Number On The Slide Youtube

So it was made before the war (I was told). The shop told me that after the US leveled the factory and took over in various places, the US started putting together firearms with whatever parts they could find. He said that it is harder to find the PP/PPK's with all matching numbers. He said normal value would be around $600-700 or so, but because of these details (and the excellent condition), it was closer to $1000 for a replacement value. Not looking at selling, but I was curious. Mine shoots the 32acp. It shoots fine other than sometimes it will double fire with a single trigger pull.

As soon as the slide racks back into place, the round in waiting will fire. Does anyone know if those firing pins are free floating and I am possibly having a 'slam fire' of sorts?If you are interested, watch the youtube video on how to disassemble the PP. Me thinks your gun shop is full of it!

Sounds like their knowlege of Walthers is about equal to that of the average 3rd grader.If the eagle you are talking about is on the bbl in the ejection port and on the slide below it then there should be an N under the eagles. That is the commercial firing proof. And Yes the gun is wartime since the change from crown N to eagle N came in 1940.The US did Not level the factory! The ruskies did post war.The Germans had begun to assemble mismatched pistols at the very end of the war.

Those will have poor finish, wood grips and no slide markings. Those pistols are very uncommon.I would guestimate that 95% of all Walther PP u.

PPK pistols have matching numbers. Except for those made late in the war any Walther that is mismatched was one done by someone post war.As for the double fire I would guess that the firing pin spg might be broken. An easy fix as parts are available.Sarge.

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Pp with no serial number on the slide video

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