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Piano Mehlin Sons And Daughters

I have an opportunity to acquire an upright inverted grand piano for free. It indicates Paul G. Mehlin & Sons with the #34358 inside the piano. The case needs some refinishing, there are a couple broken and chipped ivories. Of greater concern to me is the fact that 5 hammers are broken and only 4 are present. There is no obvious damage from water or critters. My question is whether this piano would be worth the restoration.

Piano Mehlin Sons Of Anarchy

Unfortunately, the party would like a decision by Tues. I would appreciate any input. Android sync mac. Thank you.Piano & Music Gifts & Accessories (570)Re: Paul G. Mehlin & Sons Piano03/05/07 02:46 AM 03/05/07 02:46 AMJoined: Jun 2003Posts: 27,389.

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