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About PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)As a Battle Royale game, you will experience a lot of challenges like you haven’t done it before. All players will be dropped into a strange open area where they have to battle against each other for the ultimate survival. The entire battlefield will keep shrinking through over time, which adds more difficulties and pressures to the game. You are required to have a high concentration as well as a clever head so that you can cope with all the surrounding dangers easily. Being armed with nothing when you first spawn into the battleground, you have no choice but searching for weapons and supplies in a large island.

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Roaming the island as a lone survivor will be sometimes very risky because you have no clues when the opponents attack you, and if they do, it will be so sudden. Most of the deserted buildings will have a high supply spawn rate. You should visit those places to collect some necessary weapons, useful items, along with nice equipment. Keep in mind that you are only able to carry a limited amount of gear. Therefore, you need to be careful when you pick them. After gearing up yourself, you will gain some confidence to battle against your opponents.


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Try your hardest to kill them off as much as you can, which totally increases a chance of your survival. In addition, destroying the enemies will give you a chance to grab some loot.The gist of the game is to become the last man standing! This doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of all opponents to be the final one that survives. In fact, it’s up to you to engage in a combat or not. You don’t need to join it if your skills are not good enough.

Instead, you can keep roaming the areas to collect stuff, grab more loot and always defend yourself.As you know, winning has never been so easy, but dying is easy to happen, especially if you are the newcomer to this kind of Battle Royale genre. There are so many various ways to die in PUBG.

The beginners may find it very hard to carry out the movements in the game because of the complexity of the terrain. You will encounter plenty of opponents from across the globe, ranging from weak ones to skilled ones. Not all the players are excellent fighters because they may die easily when they are caught off guard and ambushed by someone else that are weaker. Any slight mistakes can totally end your life! For this reason, you must stay fully focused on the battle and ensure that you won’t become the target of a certain enemy. PUBG game also features a wonderful natural system with many beautiful views for you to explore. You can wander around the in-game vast map while searching for different weapons.

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Pc Games Download Mega

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Do you think you will become the last man standing? Join it now and find out your answer!

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