Normal Countess Rune Drops

I made this guide for anyone having trouble getting items and for the new people in the server that dont know where to MF. So lately when ive been playing on my sorc with 175% mf the MF runs that i usually do consist of -Act 1Tristam - Griswold - Socket items (ie. Colossus Voluge, Archon Plate, Phase Blade, Monarch, Sacred Targe).Black Marsh - Countess - Runes and Key of Terror drop (highest rune countess drops in hell is Lo rune)Act 2Arcane Sanctuary - Summoner - Jewelery drops (ie. Ammys, Rings, Jewels, Gems, Key of Hate)Act 3Travanicle - ALL Council Members - Drops everything (ie. HoZ, Arach, Gores, Dracs, Maras, Sojs, BK rings, Shako, Titans, High runes, etc)Durance of Hate level 3 - Mephisto - Drops regular Meph drops (ie. Arach, Shako, Dracs, Rings/Ammys)Act 4Sanct of Chaos - Diablo - Normal Diablo drops (ie.

HoZ, Arach, Griffons, Windforce, Shako, Gores, Dracs, etc).Act 5Halls of Vaught - Nilly (Nihlathak) - Normal Nilly drops (ie. Hoz, Arach, Griffons, Rings, Ammys, Key of Destruction, etc).World Stone Chamber - Baal - Normal Baal drops (ie.

Griffons, Arach, HoZ, Rings, Ammys, etc).Secret Cow Level - Cows - Cows are a good place to find Socket Items, Gems, Runes, Set items. Click to expand.I've noticed this too.

Normal countess rune drops nameNormal Countess Rune Drops

You can do Travincal runs with zero MF and still get tons of uniques. Those of you who don't know the mechanics - MF is used only to determine the quality of the item dropped (Unique, Set, Rare etc.) but the base item (i.e. If the item that drops is Corona or Crown) is determined only by monster level/treasure class/area level and a few more things but the choice does NOT depend on MF - it's random in all cases.

Hell Countess Rune Drops

So the question rises - what's the point of MF when uniques drop anyway? If you ask me - killing speed and the ability to survive is more important than MF in this case. The more you kill, the more Diadems drop - more chance to find that Griffon you have always wanted.

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Diablo 2 countess rune drops

Pretty much the same like rune hunting.Thanks for the post, it's very useful.

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