Journal Of Structural Engineering

  1. Journal Of Structural Engineering (madras)
  2. Journal Of Structural Engineering (madras)

GeneralThe Journal of Structural Engineering (JOSE) is an open forum on structural engineering / mechanics and papers relating to the field are welcome. Authors may kindly ensure that the papers have advanced scholarly value or interest to structural engineers, academicians, researchers and practicing engineers and contains original contributions leading to the advancement of knowledge in structural engineering/ mechanics. The paper may be an original review of past practice, probe a new field of structural engineering activity, or report on results of research and development activities.

Journal Of Structural Engineering (madras)


Journal Of Structural Engineering (madras)

It may be a thought-provoking study that contributes to the planning, analysis, tests and experiments (in the laboratory or on the field), design, construction, and maintenance, health monitoring, repair/retrofit of structural components/system. Only such papers that have not been published or offered for publication elsewhere are considered. The subject can also include field experience of practicing engineers who have carried out cost-effective, novel/innovative schemes to achieve the objectives of the project that has safety and reliability as a component.

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