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If you’re on Windows 10 and your PC can’t detect or recognize your iPhone, or that you can’t see your iPhone content in your computer, you’re not alone. Many Windows users are reporting this problem as well.

But no worries, it’s possible and even easy to fix.Here are 5 fixes for you to try. You may not have to try them all; just work your way down until you find the one works for you.Method 1:Method 2:Method 3:Method 4:Method 5:Before we begin, we would like you to make sure the following things:1) You have clicked Trust this computer on your iPhone.2) You have installed all Windows updates.3) Make sure the USB cable is problem free.4) Make sure your iPhone is turned on.5) Make sure you have installed.

Update:Installation problems and crashes – the never-ending story of iTunes on Windows systems. Although it is, the number of users reporting issues with iTunes on Windows 10 is permanently increasing. And the pattern seems to be the same as it is on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1: Either or are reported. But you don’t need to be desperate: iTunes 12 crashes and installation problems on Windows 10 can be fixed following the workarounds already described for.Here’s the prove that iTunes 12 is running on Windows 10 (technical preview).


ITunes 12 compatible to Windows 10 Technical PreviewiTunes 12 can be directly downloaded from (detailed ).Fixing iTunes installation problems on Windows 10:If you face problems (crashes, hanging, no installation success) in installing iTunes 12 on a Windows PC follow the (Here’s the ).Fixing iTunes crashes on Windows 10:If iTunes 12 crashes after installation on Windows 10 (technical preview), follow and. It should work in the similar way for Windows 10 and iTunes 12.iTunes 12 is working seamlessly on Windows 10 (Technical Preview). ITunes 12 crashes and installation problems can be fixed. What is your experience with updating to iTunes 12 on Windows 10? Let us know and comment!Stay tuned! No need to apologize. You did a nice post and as I said, the effort is appreciated.

Yes, I tried all the options with the exception of vista compatibility. Funnily enough running or installing iTunes in compatibility mode seemed to cause Windows 10 more headache than a regular install. The update from Apple didn’t help, but the way I see it it’s not up to them anyway to fix the mess Windows 10 is right now. All the windows internal processes are fast and relatively bug free.


However iTunes or other Music related applications break on a regular basis. Yep, Microsoft did it again.Cheers. Hi, Gee Are, I am trying to install ITunes on a windows10 64bit machine. I receive a message at the end of the installation saying (translated from french) “a problem occured on this windows installer package, a program necessary for this installation to complete could not be executed, contact your support service or the distributor”.

I have search the apple support site and applied most of the advice, as well as yours for the installation on windows 8 or 8.1 but I always get the same error. I have uninstalled all apple components and even tried to install old version and 32 bit versions (as you can guess i am not technical). I have seen however that several people are reporting the same issue.

Are you already aware of a fix that allows to install iTunes on windows 10. I have a pretty new system, Windows 10 on an Intel 5820k-based PC with 16gb of DDR4 RAM.itunes is incredibly slow and unresponsive. Pressing play or skip takes 10-15 seconds to register, and syncing to my phone cuts that off drastically, making it near-impossible to change any options. It took me over an hour to specify which artists to sync!Today, my whole PC went crazy and started killing off apps due to high memory usage, and iTunes was to blame.Any ideas how to resolve this?

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I find it crazy how a glorified windows media player could be taking up anywhere near this much memory, especially considering Apple are generally pretty good with software.

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