How To Stop Skype From Opening Automatically


Rather than countering everything Microsoft attempts to do to improve or provide a unique user experience by proposing the uninstalling of apps and features, it would help so many readers if a tech site would cover the “how to use” features of software.Super easy to blow off MS and say that the Skype Messaging app is trash, so one should uninstall it because it uses 6MB of precious RAM; a bit more technical and bold to “teach” readers how to use Skype Messaging for conference calls, long distance get togethers and simple LAN chatting.So Mr. Martin, now that Skype Messaging is uninstalled, what app are users going to use that will allow HQ Video Conference calls with their team of doctors? Or what app should they now use to send a simple chat message–without installing some other program which will place their jobs in jeopardy because of the AUP.No thinking going on here. Some people, techs and corps, may find Skype Messaging a great program that needs to be used and mastered, not uninstalled because a somewhat anonymous blog suggests saving 6MB of RAM. @jasray, I can understand your point, that of being positive, forward, optimistic, yet to be consistent in this valuable perspective would require, IMO, a similar wording when yours seems harsh if not fresh, close to aggressive.Also — but this is unfortunately an attitude often met — you seem to have interpreted what was not written nor even implicit. Nowhere is it advised to uninstall the product, the article is information, and once again information is not promotion. I encounter this aberration very often, when someone doesn’t listen or read the words but interprets them according to two misleading facts: 1- Blindness and/or deafness, 2- obsession of one’s truth, often related (not always) to an excessive ego.

Let us please, all of us, dialog, which means listen to, read what factually is and not what we think, believe understand is. We can’t make a case against someone on the basis of what he hasn’t said nor written:)Finally, if you knew this place better you’d be aware that the mood is not a breaking one, but constructive, and that includes, as all journalism does, not letting the writer’s preferences dominate whatever information, and assumes information for all and liberty accordingly. I am here quite often and I wouldn’t bet a dime on Martin’s personal options in many technological domains, being a guru is obviously not his cup of tea.

@JasrayYou can use Skype Desktop version. There is simply too much of privacy issues combined with the other issues like dumb tiles, apps, no control panel etc.

I recently installed a very friendly linux with windows like user environment on my laptop just for the sake of experiment to see if I can live without Windows and guess what? It’s easier to use, one can control everything and even the gaming is not an issue since Steam runs on Linux. I just got tired of installing/uninstalling invasive updates that try to shovel win 10 down my throat (and who knows what else) every month or so. I still run win 7 on my desktop but I can tell you this is about to change as well. I just want to feel relaxed when I boot my OS instead of having that bad vibe all the time on how some greedy corporation is taking over my life. I suggest you try it too, it’s healthier like going vegetarian;).

There is no snowden leak which shows that there is a skype backdoor. Skype uses P2p protocol, which can be (of course) hacked, in fact Skyp fixed a lot of such protocol based weaknesses already.The leaks also not saying xyz product is compromised, it shows that some are involved like MS, Google, Yahoo but this doesn’t mean they worked together with NSA. And of course it also not means that even company xyz isn’t listed over there that they are not compromised or hacked already.

Stop skype from auto starting 2019

So come the hell down. Windows 10 is beyond creepy and just way too much work to go through to get it less so. Microsoft’s voluminous waffling documentation is also far too tl;dr to quickly figure out what’s going on, if they actually come clean in the first place.Got way too many other things to do in my life than suffer through Microsoft’s disgusting attitude towards consumer privacy, I’ll sit out this one thank you, will look again at Windows 11 or Mac OS X 11 – maybe.Window 7 will be the last Windows I use for the foreseeable future.

Windows Updates are fully disabled and I don’t care, I’d rather a virus and than Windows 10. But Prism not only affects the software itself, it’s also not a “Backdoor”, so overall there is no backdoor in any of mentioned programs. As you can see on the ‘leaks’ it’s protocol exploitatation:Which means it affects every program which uses such protocol.


Nope, backdoor is no protocol exploits. Backdoor is if it’s directly implemented and there is no proof. Because there is no Backdoor in any of MS products, if, then it would be very easy to detect it and no one would ever use any os MS products.Protocols exploits are common problems and not MS, Google, Yahoo and all other mentioned companies. So it’s trolling.We don’t know if MS provided a key, even if this is okay if this was used to bust terrorist. No leak or confirmation anyway was given, and I doubt that this still works in latest Skype builds because it’s not that easy to break this crypto system.Yes, prism is an surveillance program (name) but again look what I linked, mostly information are given via exploitation, hardware attacks or simply protocol attacks.

Again it’s unclear if MS or others directly worked with them, especially I also can make some powerpoint presentation and fake this, would be no problem but’s not an confirmation if MS was especially in Skype involved to get xyz information. Sorry CHEF-KOCH but you’re wrong if you think a backdoor is only a protocol exploit.“A backdoor is a method, often secret, of bypassing normal authentication in a product, computer system, cryptosystem or algorithm etc. I not said it’s ‘only’ protocol based exploit. To bypass an crypto based system people talking about must be implemented within the system otherwise we talking about other attacks like MITM and crypto systems can be checked, of course others are ‘more secure’ e.g.

From what I know Skype Chat not used OTR which then is ‘not hackable’ but last I’ve heard the chat is ‘possible monitored’.NSAKEY is just a name of an variable within the OS, it’s not means it’s an ‘Backdoor’ I can call my variables within the OS or program how I like, it shows jet again how dangerous it could if non experts analyze such things. MS also not confirmed this if you really read your given Wikipedia link they saying it’s not shared to someone else. So what you can show with this, nothing because you can’t proof it. Remember that this isn’t present in newer Windows Versions, just saying, I not say that there is nothing or similar stuff but we want to talk seriously on such a ground. But I do agree back in the 90’s there was in other programs and in general crpto systems ‘backdoors’ or better directly something implemented which could lower or compromise the entire crypo aspect, but that is not only affects MS.Read:I also could provide now several open source projects which are also affected by this, so open or not makes it not more secure (see CrypoCat, OpenSSL and many other projects).Thanks for you link but’s not correct, the not said it directly it’s context what other people like snowden interpret themselves. They more talking about if it’s really useful if everything is maybe collected, but as mentioned it’s pretty useless because metadata are not always helpful especially because you need a lot of work after collecting them.I wouldn’t say that one of them ‘working’ with NSA or FBI, they are simply forced to do, as said if you not doing this then what do you can do against other attacks from them? Thank you, finally someone that addressed the problem!

This is a dumb set-up in the first place which was causing me overloads and slowness because of the skypehost.exe kept running constantly.I had used Skype 3 computers ago, but uninstalled it and never used it again. Then I bought new computer with WIN8 and unfortunately upgraded to WIN10 and my computer was running hot and constantly running even though I would have NO programs openthen always I would see SKYPE.huh? I don’t even have Skype installed on this computer why does it keep running and using my CPU and overloading my computer? I could never disable it, never force it to stop, couldn’t find it to uninstallnothing seemed to be working for meand then finallyI found this solution, and bam as soon as I uninstalled the stupid Skype host CPU went down INSTANTLY! It was ruining my computer.So glad to be done with that and to MS and forcing SKYPE on people – shame on you.

Stop trying to micromanage your users that pay so much moneyThanks again for your help!!!. This is the problem with Windows 10. So many things running in the background and installed that I don’t care about.

It’s not just Skype, it’s Cortana, it’s the telemetry data sent to Microsoft every 5 minutes, it’s basically EVERYTHING that microsoft has decided for you. And removing them is sometimes not quite as simple as uninstalling as it is in this case and is not even possible in other cases. Having to use the registry editor, having to block sites through DNS. Why do I have to go through all this trouble just to use my computer the way I want and maintain my PRIVACY??I’m officially done with this piece of garbage bloated OS and anything microshit related.

I tried to give it a chance but no more.

Preventing the classic Skype application from startingWith the classic Skype application window open, do the following:. Navigate to Tools Options. Highlight the General settings section on the upper-left.

Uncheck the option to Start Skype when I start Windows on the right. Click the Save button.Preventing Skype for Windows 10 (Skype UWP) from startingOn the other hand, if this is the Skype UWP app those options won't be available.

Based upon a, their Skype Community Moderator explained what needs to be done:The new Microsoft Skype for Windows 10 (Skype UWP) application hasnever been present in the Startup tab. Windows apps are not managedthe same way as a Win32 application.

The classic Skype for WindowsDesktop is a Win32 application, Skype UWP is not.If you close your computer without signing out of the Skype UWPapplication, then on next computer boot, Skype will auto run in thebackground. To maximize Skype UWP you will just need to click on theapplication icon.If you prefer not to be signed in automatically on Skype for Windows10, you can sign out from the app. We won't sign you in automaticallyafter that.In other words, Skype UWP users simply need to logoff from within the app to prevent it from starting automatically during a subsequent Windows 10 login.As a potentially viable alternative to the Skype Community Moderator's advice, you can functionality for Skype. Navigate to the following location: Start Settings PrivacyEnsure that you have selected Background apps on the left-hand side, scroll down on the right until you find the entry for Skype and change the slider to Off.That being said, in addition to the obvious advantages there are minor:Bear in mind that there’s a downside to this. If you prevent theAlarms app from running in the background, for example, any alarms youset won’t go off. If you prevent the Mail app from running in thebackground, it won’t notify you of new emails.

How To Stop Skype From Opening Automatically Windows

Apps normally run inthe background to update their live tiles, download new data, andreceive notifications. If you want an app to continue performing thesefunctions, you should allow it to continue running in the background.If you don’t care, feel free to prevent the app from running in thebackground. You can still use the app normally, but you may have towait for it to fetch new data after you launch it.Uninstalling the classic Skype applicationTaking it a step further, if you want remove the application entirely, the classic Skype Win32 application will be listed within the Programs and Features applet in the Control Panel. Simply highlight the Skype entry in the Name column and select the Uninstall button near the top.Uninstalling Skype for Windows 10 (Skype UWP)In contrast, the Skype UWP app won't be found in Programs and Features.

How To Keep Skype From Automatically Starting

As a result, if you want remove that particular version, navigate to the following location: Start Settings AppsEnsure that you have selected Apps & features on the upper-left, scroll down on the right and left-click Skype to select Uninstall.Notably, if the Skype UWP application is already running, before attempting the Uninstall you may need to first select Advanced options, then choose Terminate to 'Immediately terminate this app and its related processes.' After that, select Uninstall as desired.Additional reading.

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