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So have I over several months. I always use yahoo for my email. You try living in a mainland European foreign country when you are English, have a brain injury after brain haemorrhage and still trying to sort out so much on Windows 8.1 - I find it difficultto follow technical instructions - there are too many at once to remember and then activate. I bought my computer in UK 3 wks before I ended up in hosp in diff country where I live. My physical location (computer) doesn't help when doing so much in Englishbut needing local websites and email - where many recipients use locally bought computers.Changing language on computer doesn't always solve problems for me - but all this started 2 years ago for me and I have commented many times to MS and other major software developers, who mainly fortunately are US or possibly UK based.

Access Hkey Current User

Access hkey current user

Yes, and not only that, but it appears to be getting worse. MS is always ready with this update and that update, but they refuse to develop a fix for this. All they give are some BS excuses as to why it happens and any fix they give doesn't work. What thatmean is, they don't know how to fix itI've had an MSN premium membership for well over 10 years. If they don't get this fixed soon, I'm gone.I'm sure we're not the only ones with this problem. Many are probably just ignoring the characters.

This has to be a much larger problem than they will admit to.and they can't figure out why they are losing members and market share.Oh, that's right, Windows 8.1 is horrible software and on one newer computer, they keep wanting me to do a free upgrade to Windows 10? Why would I want to do that?

Upgrade from something that sort of works to something that probably doesn't work at all?

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