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I am new in this forum so i might not know alot of stuff about it. But currently, i have a problem, i am playing GTA SAN ANDREAS on the IMAC.

I am looking for mods for GTA SAN ANDREAS. I downloaded PC files of the mod but it didnt work. So can anyone please help me? And where do I put the files in?Are you running it on Cider? It'll be hard, dude, especially if you don't dual-boot with Windows on your Mac.yes, i am using cider, so how do i solve the problem?Can you dual-boot to Windows? Try opening gta3.img in your Cider directory in Windows.

To get rid of that shitty looking chrome car look: Follow these steps.First, go watch this video. It explains how to downgrade your version of san andreas (which causes problems) Use the provided download links files in the description. He doesn't say it in his video, but you want to replace gtasa.exe with gtasacompact.exe. The gtasa.exe he provides didn't work for me, so I'm going off of that.If you don't have it, grab SAMI hereOK so what I did:1st I downgraded my gta, the file you want to put in your gta san andreas folder will be called gtasacompact.exe. It's a non-wide screen version of the game, but it's worth it because it fixes many game play problems.2nd, Grab this: It's a ported version of cider pre-set up for GTASA. Basically, just take your whole Rockstar Folder, copy it, and paste it into the c-drive, just like cider, you should already know this.

If you don't, after you download that, unzip it or whatever you have to do, right click it and click show contents. Then navigate to this:contentsresourcestransgamingcdrive.put rockstar folder here.After that, you have to edit the to make it run gtasacompact.exe, and then it should be able to just run right away, because the cider port is pre-set up with the correct path open (which is located in the 'contents' folder) file with textedit and there should be a line that saysC:Program FilesRockstar GamesGTA San AndreasGTASACOMPACT.exe. If it says gtasa.exe change it. Save, close, run gta.Installing mods with SAMI is pretty self explanatory. But if you need it, here's a video on what to do, with that exact file that I linked earlier.


I did this on a Mac and used CrossOver to extract the CLEO 3 files for you Mac users.UPDATE: Based on the comments, CLEO 3 doesn’t support the MAC APP STORE VERSION or the STEAM VERSION! You can try it yourself if it works!

Gta Sa Mac Mod Installer

If not, your only option is to install the torrent version below.CLEO 3 – Works with Version 1.0 & 1.01Once downloaded, unzip it and there should be 7 files. The files is already labeled blue so you won’t get confused from the other files within the GTA SA folder.2. Find your GTA SA game. Right click it and follow this path.Show Package ContentsContentsResourcestransgamingcdriveProgram FilesRockstar GamesGTA San Andreas.NOTE: Make sure you BACKUP the original “vorbisFile.dll” file from your GTA SA folder & replace it with the CLEO version that came with from the download.3. Drag the 7 files into the “GTA San Andreas” folder and there you go.You can install mods that supports CLEO 3 by dropping the.CS file into the “CLEO” folder.You should see a yellow text on the bottom left corner that reads “CLEO 3.” in the game menu like in my video @ 2:23-25.If this works for you, let me know on the comments or Like this video!To uninstall CLEO 3. Go to your “GTA San Andreas” folder. Right Click and hover your mouse over to “Keep Arranged By” and click “Date Created.” The first 5 files should be1) unins000.dat2) CLEO3) unins000.exe4) cleoreadme.txt5) cleo.asi6) vorbisFile.dll (CLEO Version, check the file info by right clicking it and click “Get Info” and the date created should be on Monday, June 9, 2008.

If not, then you’re deleting the original file.).Then, drag the original vorbisFile.dll that you backed up back into the “GTA San Andreas” folder. Otherwise the game won’t run without it.7) vorbishooked.dlland move the files to the Trash and delete.Mods I used from my video.

Cleo Mods Gta Sa Pc

If the mediafire links are down, please let me know so I can fix it!Master SparkHold “Tab” key and press “H” once and control it by using the arrow keys.ModPress ` (below the esc key aka Jump Button) and “C” (Crouch) at the same time. You can increase the flying speed by pressing N and decrease using Y. Also you can make CJ run fast but his muscle level should be low.GSF Weapons to AK-47, Micro Uzi & SMG.SpawnerCredit goes to YouTube user “dsab94” for finding the mod.Press H & N to access the Car Spawner menu.Zone Gang Wars Acceptance of any contribution, gift or grant is at the discretion of the Mod Code.

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