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Mega download over quota free. Download And Customize Adobe Captivate TemplatesAdobe Captivate is a rapid eLearning authoring tool that is most suitable for creating software simulations, software demonstrations, branching scenarios and randomized quizzes in Small Web Formats (.swf) and HTML5. It is easy to use and therefore popular among eLearning developers. However, even though it is easy to use, creating eLearning courses right from scratch is a time and effort-consuming task. Ready-to-use eLearning templates are the best way to save both time and effort, and at the same time create highly engaging eLearning courses. The key advantages of using eLearning templates, in this case, is that they have been tried and tested several times, and offer a great variety in terms of design and layout.The type of content determines which tool you should use to create your eLearning course.

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Therefore, if you have software simulations and quizzes in your eLearning course, Adobe Captivate should be your tool of choice. Hosts professionally designed Adobe Captivate templates and assets that can be easily browsed, downloaded, and customized to meet different content and branding-related requirements. Browse And Download Adobe Captivate TemplatesTo help users search and choose eLearning templates, eLearningDom groups the Adobe Captivate templates based on their purpose and functionality. The most common categories are Introduction Pages, Lists, Processes, Relationships, Scenarios, and Assessment Questions. You can directly select the desired category or use the Search feature to narrow down the type of eLearning templates to browse through. Additionally, you can also sort the result page to display the Adobe Captivate templates by their popularity, newness, or by price.The Search page typically arranges the eLearning template list as thumbnail images. This allows you to view a set of eLearning templates at a time.

Alternatively, you can select an and then use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate through the result page. When you select any eLearning template hosted on eLearningDom, it is presented to you in full size, along with its purpose and description. ELearningDom offers two more interesting features that help you search for the desired eLearning template. At the bottom of the page, you will find the Related Products section, which provides links to other Adobe Captivate templates that have similar purpose and functionality as the one that you are looking at. This helps you browse through a wider range of eLearning template options. The second feature is the Recently Viewed Products section located on the right side of the page. This gives a snapshot of the eLearning templates that you have searched for in the recent past.Once you have selected the eLearning template of your choice, you need to download the template zip file and extract the.cp file from it.

Once extracted, you can import this eLearning template into an Adobe Captivate course and start using it by plugging-in your content, and customize it based on your content and branding needs. Customize Adobe Captivate TemplatesHere are a few examples of customizations you can make to Adobe Captivate templates:. Resize and rearrange graphical elements.


Change color schemes and themes. Add/delete graphical elements, such as tabs. Change images/icons and shapesHere is a short video that demonstrates how easy it is to download and customize an Adobe Captivate template from eLearningDom. If you are new to eLeanringdom or the Adobe Captivate tool, this video will provide you the required guidance for effectively using the eLearning template library.The eLearningDom template library is a great resource for eLearning developers to expedite the development process and create highly interactive and engaging courses.

Free Adobe Web Template Download

Welcome to MuseFree, the web's largest Muse resource for quality Adobe Muse templates. Over 400 Muse themes, widgets and training videos are just a click away from you.We created MuseFree with a single purpose, and that is to offer the best, highest standard Adobe Muse templates on the market.

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Join our big Muse community and create unique, refined and professional Muse based websites!Our website is filled with a wide range of unique templates and they pertain to various categories in order to make filtering and browsing a lot easier.If you want to make the most out of your MuseFree experience then the best thing you can do is to become a club member to get unlimited and instant access to our entire collection of Adobe Muse templates. Is the best option for users who run multiple sites or provide professional web development services.

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