Fallout 4 Tf2 Mod

Fallout 4 Tf2 Mod
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Fallout 3 Remastered Mod

Fallout 4 tf2 mod

The famous scatter gun from the free-to-play multiplayer fpsTeam Fortress 2 has made it into Fallout 4!So what is this gun? According to the tf2 wiki:The Scattergun is the default for the. It is a short, double-barreled lever-action shotgun with a wooden handle and foregrip.Delivering ten pellets per shot with increased, this weapon is deadly at close range, requiring only two shots to take down most. A wide cone of fire causes it to become mediocre at medium range and near useless at a distance. This forces players to close in on enemies to effectively deal damage while utilizing the Scout's distinct speed to avoid retaliation. How to acquire it: help Scatter 4.

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