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Bethesda's Fallout 4 isn't quite the advancement everyone was hoping for. Sure, it's a great game, but we wanted a new engine and everything else that goes along with it. Still, much like Skyrim, Fallout 4 uses the Creation Engine and it supports 64-bit, which makes it perfect for modding. And since the tools are similar in more ways than one, it didn't take long for the talented community to publish amazing addons on Mod Nexus.Here's a quick guide to get started installing Fallout 4 mods on PC. We'll be using the Nexus Mod Manager, which is universally recommended to keep things organized and to make installing larger packages an absolute breeze.

Register an account on the. Download the Nexus Mod Manager (NMM). Install and then run NMM.Confirm the location of Fallout 4.

Select Fallout 4. Hit OK.

Fallout 4 Mod Ini Change

Choose where you wish to store downloaded mods (default drive is the one with Fallout 4 installed). Hit OK if an alert window shows.We need to run Fallout 4 to the main menu before activating mods, so give the game a boot to initial menu and then quit.

This will create the much-needed.ini file for editing and will ensure we don't run into issues with mods not working correctly at a later date. Install Mods. Search for mods on the. Carefully read through the description of each mod.Choose the Files tab. Select 'Download with Manager' on the correct file(s) you need for the mod.

Wait for the mods to download in NMM. Select a mod you wish to install and choose 'Install'.Once you have a few mods downloaded you may notice the load order start to populate. This list is important because some mods and files need to be loaded by the game in a specific order. Mod authors generally offer information in mod descriptions on the Nexus should their files require to be configured in a set order, and there are even tools available that can check to see if there are any problems with your setup.Download and install LOOT, which we strongly recommend you run each and every time you edit your load order or install/remove a mod. Modders create and release extra content for fun and for the love of scripting, but leaving an endorsement or even a donation can provide much-needed feedback, especially if you've enjoyed hours of entertainment because of said mod(s).

Fallout 4 Modding Guide


Ini Changes To Mod Fallout 4

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