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Hello all!So here is a issue I've been having on FO4 for some time. I have mostly just the 'typical' graphics mods and whatnot, and I followed the Gernash STEP mod guide to set it up. Beyond that I've only added in the Settlement Sim, a few guns, and a few additional quest mods (nothing super heavy imo).So, I'm aware of the various fps issues that FO4 inherently has (cannot go over 60fps and whatnot) the issue is that while my hardware is very strong stuff, I get massive frame drops in/around cities/areas-other-than-nowhere. I'm talking to the point that the game is unplayable. It isn't your usual stuttering stuff, it is more like some gradual slowdown as you get closer, more like everything goes into slow motion than choppy. It's bizarre to me because despite having on vsync and everything the game decides to have the fps flying wildly all over the place.

Fallout 4 Mods Fps Drop

This is with disabling the in-game vsync and forcing it from the control panel too. Maybe I just didn't do something right? I remember with my older computer I managed to get it working with far more mods without all of these fps issues.Obviously I'd like to get this working in a playable fashion given 76 coming, but for now the fps wandering makes the game unplayable. I'm just fishing to see if this is a issue others have managed to get rid of, otherwise I'll just wait and hope Bethesda never ties the fps to the physics engine again.i7-7700kGTX 1080tiSSD32 GB RAMgsync monitor @1080I do not see these kinds of frame rate drops on other games. Thanks for the help! Old question, but in comparison to my system:4770 i7GTX 1060 6 GB32 GB of RAMx2 SSD 512 GB Total RAID 0x2 Sata 4 TB Total RAID 0I can run the game with 100 of mods, no issues.

I can run 'War of the Commonwealth' mod, no issues at all. If you know that mod, you know that it takes up massive resources. ENB, texture pack, you name it.

Do you use LOOT to reorganize the plug-ins? If you are not organizing the plug-ins properly, you'll experience MASSIVE issues, so make sure to get a mod organizer, like LOOT.Other than that, maybe spyware?


Fallout 4 Fps Boost Mods


Fallout 4 Shadow Boost

You should be able to run ANYTHING with a system like that. I'm using 8 year old parts and can run the game in highest settings, 60 fps all the time, but could be because of the way I have my system configured.

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