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Has anyone else got killed by killa trough a wall? I was shooting at him from second floor, opposite floor of KIBA ( so he was in front of KIBA and i was second floor opposite of him) I backed off to heal and he started to come up escalator, he got to the top stood behind the pillar at the top and shot through it and killed me. I could not see him the slightest bit, maybe the tip of his elbow. Has this or something like this happened to anyone else? Not saying he's OP, but his wall hacks need to be turned down a little. The bigger problem actually is the desync that grants him the ability to shoot you through concrete on your client. He actually can´t penetrate these walls, but shoots you on his server side where you still were not behind cover.


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Another huge problem is that aim lock was introduced to him within one of the last patches. I was not seen by him, but when he heard me, I was able to see his flashlight going through a wall, following me from a distance between us which was around 40 meters while he never had any visual contact (and it was perfectly aligned with my position). Then he did sprint around the corner and killed me with one salvo.

That makes you feel like he is shooting through walls, because you don´t even need to cross his line of sight to be auto-locked by this T-800 Gopnik edition. If you cross his sight for a few seconds when he auto-locked you, you are basically dead already. Even if you managed to get in cover on your client, it does not matter. Does that include reinforced concrete floors used in industrial structures for example (Shopping Malls).Probably the worst uneducated excuse for glitchy gaming ever.and yes been killed many times through SOLID cover including floors, walls and both lol.No i t does not include this kind of cover and I have never said that it does. Not every cover is made out of bulletproof material.

So shooting at someone who is in cover is a plausible action (especially if you have 95 shot drum mags) in order to shoot through penetrable objects, intimidate the enemy or suppress enemy fire. If he kills you through thick walls or follows you across the map without seeing you then it is clearly a bug, of course.So speaking of education: You should better not answer your own question and falsify my statement for your own advantage. And again speaking of education: Learn the difference between bug and glitch.Edited March 18 by oldImba. Actually the guy above mentioned walls, yes he does kill you through floors his perception is superhuman and he can throw grenades that bend the laws of physics.regarding his 95 round mag, educate yourself as you can garuntee a weapon jam, but not Killa because even his piece of junk AKMS turns into a lethal dead accurate killing machine in his hands.There is a video going round of some guy showing how bad the AI is by killing him with Pistols, Un suppressed shotguns and he just stands their and does nothing. There is also one of a guy sniping him in the legs till he dies still able to run around till the end. Aau agron 1.2 course list. So Killa doesn’t suffer with blacked out limbs, is immune to flash bangs.But I’m sure you will have some form of BSG sheep argument, oh yes it’s a Beta.

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