Emperor Battle For Dune Units

Kay so this topic has been on a few other forums around the internet but I haven't been able to find a solution for it.The Problem:Emperor: Battle for Dune installs and runs fine on windows 7 machines, until you select multiple units. For some reason this causes intense video lag, and then hyper speed until the game returns to the time it should be at.The following fixes do not work:-Adjusting in-game graphics settings (including v-sync)-Running in compatability modes or as admin-disabling secondary monitors-updating graphics card drivers-changing to single core mode using affinity in the task manager-re-installing the game-running from CD or ISO on virtual machineMachine:According to other forums this problem occurs across all types of machines, the common factor seeming to be Nvidia graphics cards. But for argument's sake I'll post my specs.L1N64-SLI WS Mobo2x Athlon 6x fx dual core (socket L1)8gb Crucial Ram 800 mhzBFG 8800 GTX water cooled edition1000 watt OCZ PSU400 gb seagate sata HDDG15 Gaming keyboardRazer LachesisDual Monitor (20' Crt/22' LCD)If anyone can conjure up a fix for this I'd be greatly appreciative. It worked for me, brand new out-of-the-box laptop with an ATI card. I installed E:BfD and started the Ordos campaign today, no problem selecting a large number of units. Didn't run in compatibility mode, just installed off CD#1 and played campaign off CD#4.Maybe this is an nvidia issue as you suggest.

Emperor battle for dune steam

Did you test it in all play modes (CPU skirmish/campaign/multiplayer)? I dunno, just thinking out loud.Here is my system specs if it helps since I haven't (yet) done any modifications:Also, have you tried installing it on an alternate OS? Ubuntu is a quick setup, just get the wine package and then install Emperor.

Apparently it's well supported. Similar help and support threadsThreadForumHello everybody,I'm reletively new on this forum and I've spent a lot of time reading posts here concerning innovative installation methods and various approaches to partitioning. This forum really has some great info and users!I'm an old school guy going back to the days before PCs even.Installation & SetupOK. My computer multi-boots to Windows 7 & 8 right now.


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Emperor Battle For Dune Units

Amazon sells Windows 7 Family Pacs for but it's.Windows Updates & ActivationHi,I have a series of applications that depend on an INI file being in the Windows directory.Also, many diffeent users are allowed to log on and change the INI file.But Windows 7 places changed INI files in USER directories for the logged-on users.So my Apps never get to see the.General DiscussionCan you use Win 7 upgrade on another computer on the same In Home network or do I have to buy another box?Installation & SetupOur SitesSite LinksAbout UsFind Us.

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