Dragon Age Inquisition Essential Mods

The first time I played Dragon Age: Origins was on the Xbox and I had a hard time getting into it because of the crappy graphics. Well, I recently tried the PC version and discovered that OMFG THE GAME IS AMAZING WHEN YOU MOD IT TO DEATH!

I highly encourage a playthrough with these mods if you haven’t done so already. Here is my list of the 31 best mods you never knew you needed (but now you can’t live without):9 Mods for Better Gameplay1.This mod gives HD textures to the whole game and makes DA much more beautiful.

If you only download one mod, this should be it.2.This mod redesigns over 500 NPCs in the game to make their appearance better. You can choose to change them based on Lore (characters redesigned to fit their races better) or Aesthetics (characters redesigned to be more attractive) or a combination of both.

It also includes an optional Morrigan morph that makes her look more like her original face model (ie. Super gorgeous).3.Ugh, I hate the Fade.

If you’re like me and just want to get on with the story, this is the perfect mod for you. It allows you to skip the boring parts of the Fade and go directly to your follower’s dreams and then fight the demon with all the Fade transformations already unlocked. You also get all the item drops using this mod, too!4.This lets any class unlock chests using strength or magic. This is great because I find the Rogue class rather useless in DA and hated having to take one with me.5.Let’s you take your Mabari war hound as a 5th companion.

Super useful.6.You know when you have a gift in your inventory and have no idea who to give it to? This mod solves that problem by listing the appropriate gift receiver in the item description.7.This hack makes your helmet invisible unless you’re in a battle. Crucial if you want your character to look anything other than ridiculous during conversations.8.This mod expands your options for follower tactics so that you can improve your battle strategy. Super useful and allows your followers to make more intelligent tactical decisions.9.Automatically adds items to your inventory when you’re looting – saves so much time and effort!3 Mods for Better Character Customization1.Adds a bajillion new color options when customizing your character’s looks.2.Someone ported some beautiful hairstyles from The Sims to Dragon Age and they look great!3.Tired of your character looking like they’ve been chewing on dirt? This mod fixes the teeth for every character in the game.7 Mods for Better Romances1. &This mod is amazing! It allows you to add Roland Gilmore as a follower (he is in the Cousland intro if you don’t remember him) and includes fully voiced banter and conversations, as well as the option to romance him.

This mod is super well-done and feels as complete as any built-in follower storyline/romance. I like to pair it with the to make the character better looking, because his default is a little homely:) You should also download for a touching romance scene when you finally sleep with him.2.This allows you to do other things with your LI besides kiss them or have sex with them. You can give them a hug or spend quiet alone time under a tree and stuff – you know, normal things you would do IRL.3.Bioware is a master at delivering epic romances with awkward sex scenes. This mod allows you to change those sex scenes according to your taste for the explicit – you can choose from medium, mild and zesty (you can guess which one I picked!). NSFW4.Allows you to do more sexy times with your LI at the Gnawed Noble Tavern in Denerim – NSFW5.Allows to do more sexy times with a whole range of NPCs at the Pearl in Denerim – literally, dozens of strange combinations that are often quite funny – super NSFW6.This mod allows you to sleep with your LI or Mabari in camp and wake up the next morning to daylight.

Lots of cuddling involved in this one.7.This mod allows you to choose nude options for your character and followers – way better than the default granny panties or the standalone Natural Bodies mod. My favorites are the Theseus mod for men and the Seductress mod for women (if you opt for full nude, you can even choose what cup size you want for women and what penis size for men!).3 Mods Just for Fun1.These dances are hilarious! This keeps in the Bioware tradition of super awkward dancing and there are dozens of different combinations you can see.2.Sometimes Morrigan can be a bitch and sometimes I just want to slap the shit outta her. Someone out there made a mod to make my dreams come true.3.This makes all armor in the game a little more revealing to the degree of your taste. I like this mod because it’s not over the top sexual – it provides just the right amount of eye candy.9 Mods for if You Love Alistair1.This is the perfect mod if you want to enhance Alistair’s good looks without altering his fundamental appearance.

Very subtle but makes all the difference.2.This adds a scene if your Warden/Alistair kills the Archdemon and dies.3. &This adds a much need funeral scene if Alistair kills the Archdemon and dies.

Haha don’t worry, I run ALL of these mods, plus like 20 more at the same time. The ONLY conflict I have encountered is the Little Leg mod (the one that shows a little skin when wearing armor) and the Alistair wedding mod – and it’s easy to resolve conflicts anyway, just take one of the conflicting mods out of the override folder. No issues with DA2 because you’re saving the mods into completely different directories for DA and DA2. Not all of the mods for DAO will carry over into Awakening, though. Oh and I’m going to publish a post of DA2 mods tomorrow:).

I’m super excited I found this. I Loved this game even more than mass effect 2. It has a special place in my favorite games ever place.

I cant wait to play the game with a bunch of new things to look for and see and do!;D if you know what I meanuh. Seriously though I was major bummed at the lack of passion my dude had for Leliana, because I was way more on love with her than he was acting.

Top Dragon Age Inquisition Mods

Now I’m just coming off as an internet perv. Anyways.So my question for you is how many of the 28 or so files do you use from the “Realistic Look” mod? Do you need each file for each race and gender, or only the one you want? Which ones do you use for that mod?

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Getting Started With Dragon Age Inquisition PC Cheat EngineThe procedure for installing and starting Cheat Engine is always the same across the board. You can check out to get you started. Dragon Age Inquisition God Mode & Toggle HUD Cheat TableThis cheat table will require that you use the 64-bit version of Cheat Engine 6.4 for it to work. Dragon Inquisition PC How to Use Console Commands/CodesThe following PC codes works will partially work on your Dragon Age: Inquisition game. To implement them, you’ll have to go through the same procedure you’d use when using. Create a shortcut to your dai.exe file on your desktop. You can find the file inside your program files(x86) Dragon Age Inquisitionbinship folder.

Dragon Age Inquisition Essential ModsDragon age inquisition essential mods download

Right click on the file and select Properties. Look for the target field and append –enabledeveloperconsole. At the end, your target field should resemble C:Program Files (x86)Dragon Age 2binshipDragonAgeInquisition.exe” –enabledeveloperconsole.

Use the default tilde key to activate the code (in the Life is Feudal Guide, I have explained how you can change this to whatever key you want). Note that nothing shows up once you fire up the cheat console. You’ll not that game controls will be active though. Just begin typing your console codes and hit enter to implement themDragon Age Inquisition Console Commands List. runscript pcimmortal: God mode. Although you can take damage, it won’t kill you, so you are effectively invincible.

Xrunscript dbgsetattrib x y: 1 minute attribute buff. Here x is attribute (is a number from 1 to 6; 1 being str, 2 dex, etc.

In order) and y is the amount of buff you want. runscript addxp x: Add experience points to your character(s) for faster leveling up.

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