Dragon Age 2 Cheats Origin

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Dragon age 2 origins cheats pc

For anyone running into trouble with the trainer's money cheat, there is a built-in money exploit. Takes a little longer, but it works perfectly. If you left-click and hold on an item, instead of dragging it to the merchant, also click and hold the right mouse button. With both held, drag the item to the merchant.

It will double the sell value. Then buy the item back using regular click and drag for its regular buyback cost. You do that a few times and you can pick up something big. Do it a few more times and you'll never have to worry about money.You do have to use that exact system.

After effects default cache location. Left-click hold, right-click hold, drag to merchant. Left-click hold, drag back to inventory.

Dragon Age 2 Cheats Origin

Dragon Age 2 Cheats Pc Origin

Dragon Age 2 Cheats Origin

Doing this with something like Vershal or one of the other big weapons nets around 22 gold per transaction. A minute or two can get you to several thousand gold.

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