Dominique Laurent, Pinok Et Matho Rar

MOOG GOONS 3!So here is the third volume of the Moog Goons series. I like this cover a lot more than the first two volumes. It almost looks like a real album cover. Well anyway, here's the link:The music is also starting to get a little less silly and more experimental. Not much obviously, otherwise they wouldn't be goons. Main Theme-Wendy Carlos. Together (Strange Loneliness - Change Into Melodic Far Eastern Scene)-Georg Deuter.

  1. Dominique Laurent Pinoy Et Matho Rare

Survol-Franois De Roubaix-Gluckskugel The Race. Bruno Spoerri-Motion Study 1. Gerhard Trede-Never Follow the Yellow-Green Road. Mort Garson-Animosity. Fred Weinberg-Enfance-Vladimir Cosma.

Bath Time-Malcolm Clarke. Honky Cat-Claude Denjean.

In a Happy Moog-Harry Breuer. Electro-Exotic-J. Matthews. Messe Pour Le Temps Present 1967 Ii.

PsychŽ Rock-Pierre Henry. Ballet MŽcanique-Franois De Roubaix.


Messe Pour Le Temps PrŽsent 1967 Iv. Teen Tonic-Pierre Henry. Escale Musicale-Franois De Roubaix. Electro-Twist-J. How to download terraria mods.

Matthews. Blast Off Country Style-Harry Breuer.

Synthetiseur Bleu-Jean-Claude Pierric. Aventure Prodigieuse-Groupe Hypertention. ROCK & ROLL IS DEAD!So here is a nice little mix of 70's & 80's rock/punk/new wave/whatever. Maybe some of you who are too cool to like moog music will be into this.

Anyway I think it's good. It would probably go over better at parties than the other music I've put up here anyway. So here's the link:And if you are out there don't hesitate to tell me what you think of these. Here is the second volume of 'Music for Douche Bags'More 50's & 60's rock weirdness.This contains one of my favorite songs 'Psycho'. The Happy Organ-Dave 'Baby' Cortez. Chicken Grabber-Nite Hawks. Chicken Mash-Dennis Weaver.

Dominique Laurent Pinoy Et Matho Rare

The Chicken Astronaut-Five Du-Tones. Skin The Cat-Jimmy Merchant.


The Lion Is Awake-Five Notes. Camel Walk-Saxons. Miss Froggie-Warren Smith.


Sticky Pig Feet-R.T. Here is the second volume of Moog Goons.

01 CORPORAL GANDER'S FIRE DOG BRIGADE Love Song02 Bete Davis Eyes-Frank Pourcel-Digital Around the World03 bright lights, big city-Bill Black's Combo-Turn on Your Love Light04 givemenogoodbye-Seasons-Magna Carta05 Come saturday morning-Percy Faith-Great Movie Music06 camille sauvage- Requiem Pour Satan07 Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove (Instr.)08 Song of India-The Sound of Hugo Montenegro Strings09 Never Never Gonna Give You Up-John Keating-Hits in Hi-Fi10 Baby Talk-The bel-Air Pops orchestra-Jan & Dean's Pop Symphony No. 111 Sauna-Ennio Moricone- Mondo Morricone12 Long Gone-Music for Romancing13 This Love Is Mine-Jackie Wilson-Beautiful Day14 Tout-en-bibendum-Dominique Laurent & Pinok Et Matho-Les pays de tout en tout15 Paolo Zavallone(El Pasador) - Jeans flower16 Stelvio Cipriani - La supplente va in citta(Seq. 01 Breaking The Silence-Worlds In A Small Room02 Two Lone Swordsmen - Big Clapper C-Pij Remix03 Brian's song-Johnny Mathis-Mathis Today04 creation-the latinaires05 A Man And A Woman-The Tony Hatch Singers & Swingers-Showcase06.Zhork-Datura-Mr. Untel07 Chew The Gun-UnknownmiX08 Music Until Midnight-Percy Faith09 John Fahey- Sligo River Blues10 - love gives wings (with wings)-ruth white-Trumps from the Tarot Cards and Pinions11 - Under The Skin 12' Version-The Brothers-Don't Stop Now12 Atlanta Disco Band - Do What You Feel13 - How Can You Do It Baby-Bobby Moore & Rhythm Aces-Searching for My Love14 Johnny -Guitar- Watson - A Real Mother For Ya - A Real Mother For Ya15 Sweet Company - Life16 True Love-Jane Powell17 - East West Highway- Shahin & Sepehr.

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