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GODFUCKINGDAMMIT.Ahem.Right.The Blackpits. The gorramn Blackpits. There's a Sourceror being hanged by a White Magister at the top of an oil pumping tower. I go in to save him.

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Shit goes to pot when oil and fire Voidwoken start crawling out of the walls.My whole gaming session yesterday was about dealing with this situation. So many tries. The iteration time is so long too since there are so many opponents involved in this fight!In the end, I couldn't keep the Sourceror alive, nor the rest of my group! I think I'm going to have to go to the Cloisterwood and level and gear up there before taking on this fight again.After several tries, I think my tactic for this fight will be to to stay on the highest tower and keep killing the smaller Voidwoken when they come up there. A major problem is how the battlefield very quickly gets almost completely covered by Necrofire (Cursed Fire): when one of the Voidwoken die, they Curse the surface on which they died.So to counter this, I will have to keep blessing the surfaces, and maybe even try to have an ice surface, which the fire voidwoken seem to dislike.But man.

So frustrating. Oh boy, another big weekend update! I’m going to mix about the actual chronology of things to improve the flow of this post. Let’s get stuck in.-The Blackpits.I finally managed to win the fight at the Blackpits and save Gwyddon. After that I explored some caves and ruins and discovered some stuff. Apparently the Divine Order was using members of the Black Ring as slave labor in their archeological dig. The Black Ring?

I remember these guys from the very first Divine Divinity! And the Original Sin games take place several thousand years before the Divine Divinity games! Talk about an ancient order! Things really haven’t changed much in this setting.In the ruins we discover some things about Fane’s people, the Eternals. Apparently, seven of the Eternals used the power that Fane detected, the barrier between Rivellon and the Void (I think?) to empower themselves to become (false?) gods. Then these Seven (as they, of course, became known as) banished their people into the Void.

And that’s why the Eternal are gone! And Fane was kinda-sorta responsible: he did share his discovery with the Seven who then used it to turn themselves into gods! Heavy stuff.And then we kill a really annoyingly smug and superior Eternal who wakes up all cranky. By the Divine, but I do so love murking smug and superior characters! I do so enjoy itAhem!We also find the McGuffin that the creepy elf, Ryker, wanted! And apparently, Fane was fine with this. I’m almost disappointed.-Back at Stonegarden I go to report my findings to Ryker, who it turns out has retreated to his basement.

Down in the basement he agrees to improve my connection to the Source, but there’s a catch. He’s going to painfully sacrifice the spirits of innocent people to improve my powers!

I demand him to stand down, as I cannot accept power from this kind of source. Things quickly turn violent, though.Thankfully, at this point my crew was hugely overpowered for this fight, and Ryker got turned into a wet smear. Somewhat disturbingly (but not really surprisingly), all his servants then exploded! I proceed to attempt to interrogate Ryker’s spirit, but I don’t really have any leverage on him anymore. So I eat his ghost instead. I mean, really, fuck that guy.What follows is then a proper looting of his estate.

Lovely place, this. Maybe I should put down a teleporter pyramid here and make it my house What’s really lovely about this looting is that I find a third Teleporter Pyramid! I haven’t been using these lovely things enough, but now that I have three I’ll be able to get really creative. Love it!-That’s two Source Masters down: Mordus and Ryker.

I got what I wanted from Mordus, but not from Ryker. Next up is Hannag, since she owes me thanks to me saving Gwyddon.-Off to the Cloisterwood we go. Hannag is besieged by Magisters, and bizarrely, we’re given a choice to side with the latter! Why would we ever do that?

Nah, I Just splattered the theofascists across the forest. Suck scaly tail, murderers!Hannag is pleased and offers to help me improve my Source powers. Unfortunately, this once again comes with a hefty price tag: all the animals in the forest will die in exchange for this power. No, I refuse. Hannag respects this decision, but hopes that I won’t gimp myself by being too goody-goody.-Further adventures in the Cloisterwood!A huge abomination and his wolf pals.

Scary looking dude, but at least the fight wasn’t so bad. I kinda feel as if that could’ve been solved peacefully. But it wasn’t to beA skeletal librarian who wants to explode corpses? She sells some lovely skill books, of which I buy several. I then give her a book on corpse explosions. The next time I see her, she’s proper dead (I think?) in Stonegarden.

Hm.The lich that I released! He’s eaten a bunch of civilians.

I put him down. The quest log doesn’t register this, though. A bug?I still don’t know what to do with the crazy, crucified witch. I try to persuade her, and when I succeed she instakills my whole party? Maybe I should try.not. persuading her?-Before helping Janah (or whatever the demon hunter from the first game was called) on Bloodmoon Island, I decide to explore the farm areas of Driftwood some more.The cursed cows get cured.

Apparently one of these was a man. Shouldn’t he have turned into a bull?

Anyway, despite them being cured, the quest remains in my quest log. Apparently, the only way to clear the quest is to drink the curative potion yourself, which will turn you into a cow. But doing that would lock you out of curing the couple that got turned into cows?

We finally get to meet some elves and see their culture. Pretty cool stuff, and I like it. Sebille gets pulled into their ongoing burial ritual, and afterwards we are informed that this is (unsurprisingly) the clan of the blind elf seeress from Fort Joy. Apparently, she’s nearby, held by a group of Lone Wolves at a logging camp.

One rescue operation, coming up!-Taking the logging camp. I think all of the Lone Wolves were automatically hostile because I went into their camp the back way. Regardless, the fights weren’t too bad because I only ever had to fight a few of them at a time. The most difficult member of the group was Mother Dearest, who seemed to have an absurd number of action points and hit like a truck!On the upper floor of one of the buildings (I missed the stairs for a long time) we find the really nasty leader of this group: Roost.

There are heavy implications that this monster is guilty of sexual assault and pedophilia. He gets put down hard. And then I ate his ghost. Because he needed to be destroyed utterly. The ghosts of the poor children in there was nightmare fuel.

Sebille now only has one target left: The Master himself.The blind seeress is rescued and returned to her people. Funnily enough I got the achievement for getting her out of the camp without fighting any of the Lone Wolves. I mean, yeah, it’s trivial if I killed everybody on the way in. After delivering the seeress, Sahelia, to her people, a right proper bomb is dropped. Apparently, Sebille is basically the elven Chosen One, the Prime Scion meant to lead the elves to a golden age or something. She takes this as well as you can expect. Although she apparently knew this before her capture and enslavement.

It was in fact the reason of her capture! She wanted to escape her duty, and in running away from home, she ended up in the shit. The Red Prince sympathized with this.It’ll be interesting to see how that goes. There’s an implication that Sebille will face a choice: kill her old master, or take her place as the Prime Scion?-Surprisingly, the elves grant me my third and final Source point. Thankfully, this time the method didn’t seem to have any ghastly price. Instead, the Godwoken are connected to the great network of immortal elven memories (or something like that) and draw their power from that in a symbiotic way.

Cool!-A short distance past the logging camp there’s a stranded merchant caravan. The upheaval the messed up Paradise Downs and caused cracks full of Deathfog to show up has destroyed the rode to the big city of Arx, leaving the merchants stranded. But more importantly, in this caravan we find the Red Princess! The woman of the Red Prince’s dreams! So of course they go into her own wagon and bang.


Color me surprised by how graphic the descriptions are! It was like an erotic choice-your-own-adventure book! I can imagine some furries (scalies?) enjoying this part.But it was a trap! The Red Princess is sworn to somebody else, and all she was after was, what one of the assassins that shows up calls, the Red Prince’s “destiny juice”. However, she didn’t do it willingly: she does seem to love the Prince!After the assassins are killed, it seems as if the trail goes cold.

However, later on when I returned to the Lady Vengeance I received a letter that makes it clear that this particular story thread will continue in the next act. The princess is in another castle, it seems.-Bloodmoon Island!

Even though I don’t strictly need to explore this place since I got all the Source I can hold, I’m not about to leave a place with a metal name like that unexplored!In short, the place is fucked and full of demons. I do what I can to unfuck it, mostly by killing all the demons. Also by killing some members of the Black Ring. Look, they told me to stay off the stairs, and I did.

But they apparently have a loose definition of what a set of stairs is. Anyway, not a great loss.

However, this also progressed some quest I didn’t have? I saw that smug dingleberry Malady hanging out with the demon I had come to kill, The Advocate.

But I went to the Black Rings before going there, and upon killing them I got a journal update that informed me that Malady had returned to the Lady Vengeance.Could somebody tell me what happens if you go to talk to Malady instead? What was my arch-nemesis doing on Bloodmoon Island? (No, seriously, I hate that character)The Advocate was all chummy and pointed me towards the next act (The Nameless Isle) and kindly bade me to sod off. I wasn’t having it, and stomped his demonic sphincter through his sinuses. I report back to Jahan who is really happy, and offers to Source me up by letting me devour a demon. I balk at this, but he basically goes “Come on, man, don’t be a wuss” and I mean, it’s a demon. I’ve already eaten a Voidwoken heart, and I guess a whole demon isn’t that much worse?

However, since I was at max Source juice, I instead got a cool summoning skill that gives you a demon sidekick that hovers above you. Neat.-Jahan sends us back to Bloodmoon Island to do some more sleuthing, so we do some more exploration.So apparently the island was used to cure or imprison people possessed by demons. Sounds dangerous. I rescue a possessed child in the hopes of being able to kill her. I kill a possessed lizard, because she seemed too dangerous. And I’ve yet to come to a conclusion about the possessed masochist dwarf. Hm.We sleuth about and find the Bloodmoon Archives.

This nets us the name of an elf that turned into one of those huge elven spirit trees. Since she was possessed by a demon at the time, this tree also messed up the whole island. Also in the Archives, we find the fourth and last Teleporter Pyramid.

Finally, we get the blade to that super sword that could kill anything. I’m salivating!The elven tree is all happy when we tell her her name, and she says she’ll de-demonize the island. She also informs us about the true name of some heavy duty demon that Jahan is hunting.

Something tells me we’ll help Jahan take down this dude in a later act.Jahan is pleased with this info, and I can leave Bloodfart Island.-Main story stuff happens. The gods are upset, the void is leaking into the souls of the Godwoken, etc. Really, all we need to know now is that we’re off to the Nameless Isle to meet the Council of the Seven or Council of the Divine or something. It’s a step on our journey to become a Divinity, that’s what it is. There’s a bit of a discussion about having to kill our allies, but everybody seems to agree (more or less) that this is a bad idea.You know, Fane is a surprisingly decent guy, for an arrogant skeleton. He’s very humanistic in his outlook and seems to find warfare and such to be quite barbaric.-Going to the Nameless Isle seems to be a Point of no Return, so I go about and mop up a few lingering quests.Those kids with a friend that went swimming to Fort Joy? Yeah, I had to tell them that a shark ate their pal.

Well, a Shark and Sebille, but we left out the last bit Where was that shark? In the tiny little unexplored speck of a map RIGHT NEXT to the starting point on this map after arriving there from Fort Joy.

But yeah, the shark is killing itself on land because it is afraid of Voidwoken in the water. We kill the shark and Sebille ate the left in its belly. This let us know that the boy, Joey, got eaten by the shark. Rough.We killed the bigger, meaner bridge troll. A surprisingly tough fight!

The trick was to set him on fire to stop his regeneration. Where does the “regenerating troll” trope come from? To me it’s a D&D-ism and I was a little disappointed to see it in this game.

I considered killing the other troll too, but since their price can be negotiated down to 1 coin, I felt that they might as well live.I solved a murder case, and also murdered a guy by serving him tainted stew and then fighting him while I imagine he shat his guts everywhere. So it goes in Rivellon.And, delightfully, I made sure to kill all the Magisters in Driftwood. My go to method was to activate Spirit Sight within sight of Magisters, which turns them hostile. Did you know that the civilians will help you fight the Magisters? And bizarrely, the Magisters seemed to prioritize trying to kill the civilians. Unfortunately, they didn’t kill the gabby dwarf. I wonder if it’s possible to game that fight to have the Magisters kill that dwarf?

Would be cool. It felt good to, ah, “liberate” Driftwood.

It was especially fun that I was grossly overleveled at the time!-I like that the game keeps pace with you, without any artificial leveling of enemies. It’s just that as you grow in power, you can take on areas that were previously too dangerous. With that said, I’m really feeling the need for another action point. If memory serves, some story point in first game unlocked a new action point? Maybe I’m thinking of something else.-The Godwoken seem to be Destiny-magnets. It makes me think of The Wheel of Time in a way. So far, all of the playable Godwoken that I have dealt with seem to harbor some important fate.

The Red Prince has his super important destiny; Sebille is the Prime Scion; Fane was indirectly responsible for the creation of the gods(!). Ifan doesn’t seem to sit on anything like that. At least not yet.-Speaking of Ifan, his personal quest seems to not be going in any particular direction right now. Maybe it will pick up in the next act.-The price of power. Mordus offered us increased powers in exchange for eating a Voidwoken heart. While icky, it doesn’t seem too bad.

It’s just disgusting for us, but it doesn’t affect anybody else. Well, except for the Voidwoken, but it’s already dead. Hannag offered us power in exchange for all the life in a whole forest. Ryker offered us power in exchange for the tortured souls of innocents. Evil, and cruel! The elves offered us power in exchange for communing with the collected memories of their ancestors. Eh, seems alright?

And finally, Jahan offers us power in exchange for absorbing a demon. Cruel against the demon, but isn’t the world better off without such creatures? However, can a demon faulted for being a demon? It’s just doing what comes natural. But then again, if we can save the world by becoming a Divinity, and the price is the life of a few demons, then I’m OK with that. And the Red Prince would definitely be OK with it! I try not to devour too many souls, but wow, do some people deserve it.I broke the Gwydion quest somehow.

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He successfully ran away when I fought the Magisters, but then he wouldn't talk to me after I found him with his family, so Hannag wouldn't acknowledge I saved him. Probably for the best, since I would have also turned down her Source enhancing bargain.With Ifan, I managed to pose as a member of the Black Ring, and they let us walk into Roost's house, where we ended up murdering him. We ransacked his house, then I used a waypoint to teleport out so I didn't have to fight the rest of the Lone Wolves. I got an achievement for that!I noted in the general DOS thread that the romance scenes in this game make the bare breasts in the last Bioware RPG seem tame. I've only seen the Lohse/Sebille scene so far, but I'm thinking most of them are this way.I was all live and let live with the Advocate, then I found Jahan. I wasn't too upset about having to go back and kill some demons. Yeah, I was close to missing the succubus myself.

If I hadn't insisted on really milking the Driftwood act for all its worth, I would've missed that whole area.And it was a definite surprise that Sebille 1) trusted the Red Prince that much 2) fell in love with him! Honestly, it almost feels like a bug, because prior to arriving at the Nameless Isle I haven't been treating her any different than Ifan or Fane.

That is to say, I'm respecting their wishes and generally empathizing with their situation (with the occasional snide/arrogant remark in the Red Prince's trademark style).-Speaking of bugs, I seem to have encountered one that has affected a lot of people: the absence of Tarquin. Even after finishing up all his business in Driftwood, he never returned to the Lady Vengeance. When I left for the Nameless Isle, he didn't seem to come along. Apparently, this turn of events leads to him just disappearing for the rest of the game. And that's a real shame, as he was going to build that badass sword for me. Oh well, c'est la vie.-The Nameless Isle!

We have come here to achieve our Divinity by doing something at (or with?) the Council of Seven. However, both the Divine Order (with its Magisters) and the Black Ring have also just arrived and are working to screw things up.Enter the Godwoken!-The succubus, Almira, informed me that the Black Ring on the isle are commanded by an individual known as the Sallow Man. He's apparently a nasty dude, but not above cutting a deal. If I can find him, I can perhaps ease my way to the Council. And to make things smoother, Almira says I can pretend to be one of her thralls to get past the Black Ring.I may not mention it explicitly in later paragraphs, but I did use this thrall disguise in a few situations to get the drop on the Black Ring.-I started my exploration of the isle by just picking a direction and going. It soon became clear that I more or less needed to (and then just wanted to) visit each of the gods' temples and commune with them to gain some knowledge.I appreciate the open structure of this island: visit the Black Ring, Divine Order or temples in any order you want. Go nuts!-In fairly short order I deal with the temples of Amadia and Rhalic.

After killing a Black Ring portalmaster that was flooding the portal of Vrolic I also access that one. In all my dealings with the gods, I was playing nice, offering up my Source or taking on their curses to gain their information. This information seemed to be which rune (sun or moon) that they aligned with. This information is then supposed to be used at the Lunar Shrine to open some door.

Maybe to access the Council?Amadia was not so bad: just give her some Source. Vrolic curses you, but that can be fixed with a blessing. Rhalic, though, makes you permanently blind! To the Void with that! I asked my lizard godess with the complicated name (Zorl-Ztissa?) to intercede and beat him in the butt to get his info.The imp temple was interesting, as it was hidden in a pocket dimension in a ruby that two Black Ring wargs were playing with.

I lured the wargs away by saying that I had killed some dude they didn't like, and that they could go and eat him. The imp temple was super frustrating, as you're permantely slowed while in there. The imp god was interesting, though, as all they demanded was for me to renounce my god. Or at least to consider it.And you know what? I love it when games allow you to not pick sides. It's one of the things that makes Fallout: New Vegas one of my favorite games: you can actually choose to be your own side by working towards the 'Wildcard' ending. And this renouncement seems to imply that I can do something similar here.

Here's hoping! Because you better believe that I'm going to slaughter both the Divine Order and the Black Ring. And if I can tell the gods to screw themselves? Then yeah, I'm doing it. It fits in with the Red Prince's personality as well, really: he serves no one!The lizard temple was fairly simple, as I was already sworn to that godess. Strangely, she was very helpful despite me just having renounced her.-However, there was more going on at the lizard temple: the Shadow Prince!

The dark twin to the Red Prince! Lord of the House of Shadows, but also Sebille's Master! The plot thickens! And what a reveal he brings to the table: Sebille was chosen to be the assassin of Scions because she is the Prime Scion. But why kill Scions? To stop the elves from conquering the world with their Mother Tree! Gasp!Still, the Shadow Prince turned a person into a tool for murder, and doesn't have the decency to see the problem with that.

So we kill him. And eat his heart (which borked some quest I didn't have at the time, ops!)Also, my journal updated as if the Red Prince and the Shadow Prince had had a talk about the Red Princess, but this had in fact not taken place. But apparently, I can have a conversation with his spirit, which I forgot to do.

So I'll go back later and do that.-During my adventures on the Isle I came in contact with the Sallow Man through the Black Mirrors that officers of the Black Ring have. He demands the head of Bishop Alexander in exchange for help in reaching the Council. Now, I'm not interested in his help, but I'm into killing Alexander. Plus, after checking the Sallow Man's cave, I seem to have to bring him the head to meet him.

So I'll have to do that to kill him too.-To find Alexander I went to the elven temple, which is full of nice traders. But let's get to the interesting bit: Alexander. And Ifan's showdown with the same! But before that, Gareth is there, ready to fight Alexander. I talk him down, not because I want to spare Alexander, but because I want Ifan to have his moment.We learn that Ifan was never meant to be able to stop the Deathfog from killing the elves: it was part of the plan.

The Divine Order meant to exterminate both the Black Ring and the elves in one fell swoop. Shortly before speaking to Alexander, an elven survivor of the Deathfog actually points out that it was the Red Prince that created the plan to nuke the elves.

As the Red Prince, I pointed out that it was only a plan: the Prince didn't know Alexander was mad enough to actually do it!Ifan grows murderous at this, and I let him off the chain. He stabs Alexander seven times (how symbolic) and kills the only son of the last Divine. Then follows a fight with the other Magisters, but it's not particularly difficult. Doing all the side content in the previous act has paid off, as I've been at least one or two levels higher than all opposition on the Isle. Nice!-The last thing I fiddled with in yesterday's session was reaching the Mother Tree at the heart of the elven temple. Sebille gets to make a choice there: become the next Mother Tree, or continue her independent life.

Since I know that the Mother Tree seeks world dominance and I'm quite liking the idea of a Red Prince/Sebille romance, I tell her I'd rather she didn't put down roots. She accepts this quite readily, and a fight breaks out as the elves feel all betrayed.I quit when the fight started because it was getting late and even if if the fight wasn't going to be too hard, it was still going to take time.I'm going to admit that I cheated and looked up the quest related to the Mother Tree and saw that there are a lot of different ways things can go here. I suppose we'll see which way I decide to go. But one thing is for sure: even though I don't have anything against the elves, I'm not letting the Mother Tree conquer the world. Picking up where we last left off: we're fighting the guardians of the Mother Tree.And here I noticed something that's become increasingly clear during my time with the game: much like XCOM2, Divinity: Original Sin 2 has a bit of an inverted difficulty curve.

I haven't had any real problems with any of the fights on the Nameless Isle. I had the good fortune of being slightly overleveled (by on level) upon arriving, and that gap just keeps growing. It feels good, though!But yeah, back to the fight. It's a fairly simple matter. After leaving the area we're met by Sahelia, the blind seeress, who tells us that now that the Heart of the Mother Tree is weak, Sebille can kill it. Well, apparently Sahelia and many other elves see the Mother Tree as a tyrant that rules over them with an iron root. If it dies, they'll finally be free to live independent lives.So we kill the tree!

Freedom for all! And also, everybody in the elven temple becomes hostile. This was unfortunate as I ended up killing several merchants that I hadn't even noticed before! Including demons!

Oh well, I'll look at it as material for the next playthrough.I used a waypoint to get out of there with minimum killing. The game probably doesn't care, but it makes me feel a little better.-Before leaving, though, it struck me that Bishop Alexander may have left a spirit! So we go to his corpse and use Spirit Sight. Just as I thought, he's still hanging about. The Red Prince talks to him and convinces him to divulge some information about how to progress.

I already knew this stuff, but it's nice to see how many options you have.Then I let Ifan talk to him, because I thought maybe he would have some extra things to say. Well, he did, sort of. Ifan's unique dialogue option with Bishop Alexander was to devour his spirit. Oh well, yummy for the tummy!In general, I've been a lot less restrictive with my Source Vampirism since coming to the Nameless Isle. I look at it as a way to kill somebody really thoroughly. And some of the individuals you come across do need to stomped out completely, I feel.-I hurry over to the remains of the Shadow Prince and talk to his spirit.

He seems pretty calm about the whole thing. He explains that his attempts on the Red Prince's life were meant to save all of lizardkind. Once upon a time the lizards were dragons and they ruled Rivellon! But the other peoples banded together and almost succeeded in driving the dragons to extinction. The lizard/dragon godess intervened and turned the dragons into lizards and thus ended the war. It was later prophesized by Dreamers of the Ancient Empire that if the Red Prince and Red Princess, Sadha, would ever mate, their offspring would be the first of a new race of dragons.The Shadow Prince knew that a return of dragons would mean the end of the lizard people: the other peoples of Rivellon would once again band together and this time they wouldn't stop. So he asks me to kill Sadha, the mother of my unborn children.And I refused him.

I'll take my chances, and I'm not killing the mother of my children! Furthermore, if I become a Divinity, those dragons will be half-gods (sort of) as well as having the protection of a divine father.

Maybe that'll help.I leave the Shadow Prince's spirit uneaten. He was really only doing what he thought was right: he wanted to stop the elves from ruling the world and he wanted to save his people from extinction.-The Sallow Man. With Alexander's head in tow, we gain access to the lair of the local commander of the Black Ring: the Sallow Man. It turns out that he's some kind of elven ghoul. Undead, but still fleshy. He's gross and disgusting, and I have no intention of working with him, so I choose the conversational options that lead to a fight as quickly as possible.Once the dust has settled, I have Sebille chow down on the remains of this nasty man. She learns some more stuff I already knew.

Further exploration reveals that Sadha, the Red Princess, is in Arx, which I presume will the setting of the next (and final?) act.Deeper in this cave we also find Wendigo! The crazy old lady, now a crazy old skeleton! She goes down without any hassle, but apparently she's going to come back.

Sworn as she is to the God King, she cannot be properly killed. It's not even possible to devour her spirit!There are also some documents about how the dwarven queen is an unwitting pawn of the Black Ring and some other conspiracy stuff.

Boletus Divinity 2

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.Finally, the cave also contains the first part of the Sworn Breaker. I want to build that thing not only for the succubus Almira, but also because it turns out that Sadha is also Sworn to the God King. Maybe it can be used to break her oath as well?-Having finished up my other business on the island, I head to the Academy of the Seven. The puzzle to gain entry is fairly simple to solve, but I also found out that it has lethal consequences for failure! Still, a cruel person with enough goons could probably brute-force their way into the Academy.

Being Godwoken doesn't strictly seem to be a requirement.-Then it's time to discuss who wants to be a Divinity. Sebille just straight of the bat says that she will stand aside for me. Ifan and Fane both have to be convinced. Thankfully, I manage to convince them both to allow me to become a Divinity, and they promise to back me. Having all my companions on my side scores me an Achievement as well!-Upon entering the Academy, the party is met by a Voidwoken that wants to talk to Fane.

Here we get a repeat of what we learnt in the Eternal ruins in Driftwood: Fane's discoveries led to seven of his people to use the Source of the Barrier to the Void to turn themselves into gods. Then, because I suppose they didn't want to share, they banished the rest of their people into the Void. There, the Eternal have made a pact with the God King and were transformed into the Voidwoken (this was new to me, though!) and return to reclaim their world from the usurpers: us! Everybody that's come after them!Heavy, heavy shit!

This also explains why many Voidwoken speak directly to Fane in combat, saying things like 'Help us, Fane!' Or 'Redeem yourself!' I told the Voidwoken envoy that I'm sorry that his situation is shit, but that the Void destroys everything it touches and that Rivellon cannot survive a proper Void incursion. They seem unimpressed by my rhetoric.-The Academy. Its existence implies that there have been loads of Godwoken before, since there's an explicit system in place for Godwoken to become Divinities!I explore the place and find a huge robot that the Wiki explains has the other half of the Sworn Breaker.

For some reason, even though my whole party was there, the fight seemed to be just between the robot, all his pals and the Red Prince. The others weren't part of the turn order!

Even though they were standing right there! Anyway, later on I pass a point of no return, so I'll come back and fiddle some more with this fight.I fix up a friendly robot who explains what's what, and then I set up about becoming a Divinity. To become one, I need to win in the Arena of One.

Alright, seems simple enough. But what's this? Lohse and Beast have returned?! In the service of the God King?!

By my scaly, crimson tail! So that's what happens with the companions you don't bring along! Harsh!Something tells me that if you failed to convince any companions, you'd have to face them in the Arena as well.-The Arena. In it we fight Lohse, Beast and two robots. It's an easy fight, and is really more of a race to reach the thingy that will make you into a Divinity. However, I wanted to make things simple and made short work of both Lohse and Beast.

It was a shame I had to do it, but them are breaks.-So, time to become a Divinity, right? Insert Donald Trump voice WRONG!Dallis, the Hammer shows up! And is a huge bitch! And blows up the ancient thingamagiggy with another McGuffin! Now nobody will be a Divinity! And then the whole place starts coming down!Curses!

Also, I saw that Dallis became 'Source infused' when she destroyed the thing. So she's a Sourceror too, huh?

Hypocrite!-My plan for the next session is to reload and fight the robot in the secret room, and then redo the fight in the Arena.Any advice on that robot? So, yeah, the robot turned out to be pretty easy. When I went back to it, the game systems seem to have jiggled into place and allowed me to use my full crew.I also spoke to the spirit of the dead bird outside of this arena and discovered that the fight against the robot is the continuation of the Arena sidequests from Fort Joy and Driftwood. Unfortunately, this was one of those quests that just stays in your log forever, even though you've completed it and recieved the reward and everything. Hmpf.-The robot (or construct, if you prefer) drops the final piece of the Swornbreaker. After panicking about having lost the weird 'tablet' that was apparently required to build it, I realized that it was lurking under the 'Books' tab of inventory. I returned to Almira with the completed Swornbreaker scythe and handed it over.I will admit that I did read up on the Swornbreaker, because if it's the only one, I didn't want to burn it on Almira, but rather save it for Sadha.

However, there is apparently another, already constructed Swornbreaker that can be found later. With this in mind, I gave Almira the Swornbreaker, and she swore to help me in the challenges ahead. I'm guessing that there will be a big showdown at the end, and those sworn to the God King will be forced to serve him, even if they otherwise like you. This is giving me some Wasteland 2 vibes.-While visiting Almira, I bought a high level two-handed axe from her and by Lucian! It kicked the Red Prince's damage output up to about 1500-1600 per hit!

I also recently picked up the Talent Picture of Health, which grants +3% Vitality for each point in Warfare. At 15 Warfare, that's 45% extra health, which lands the Red Prince at about 8200. Nice!-Fast forward past the Arena fight and Dallis blowing shit up.Suddenly, another boss fight starts! My god gets all pissy about 1) me having renounced her and 2) my failure to become a divine! Now, we're given a choice to succumb to our god, but that's the loser's way out! A brutal fight against evil clones later, and we've comitted deicide.

Ops!-Malady once again teleports us out of trouble by taking us through the Hall of Echoes. Also, she stops being a smug pain in the ass dingleberry, which increases my Attitude towards her from -100 to about a cool -50. She also asks for help in some upcoming situation.

I'm guessing her demonic side will be causing trouble, and we will have to help her. I'm tempted to tell her to screw herself, but it would be foolish to turn aside potential allies.-A sex scene!

On a magical boat! That is sailing through the realm of the dead! Larian may not have animated these scenes, but they sure did write up some spicy stuff! I wonder how many takes the voice actor for the Narrator had to do to get it right?So the Red Prince and Sebille have confessed their love for each other. I realize now that that may have been a mistake, as I'm picturing the Red Prince shacking up with Sadha.

Maybe Sebille is open to the idea of polyamory? Put the needle down, dear!-The Great City of Arx.

Full of Voidwoken and Magister corpses. Oh, and nice landing, Malady.Many dead Voidwoken (sorry, Fane) later and we discover that the little sidequest I did for the Paladins back in Fort Joy had some hefty consequences for the Magisters!

After telling the Paladins about the Magisters collusion with the Black Ring the Paladins started up several investigations on the Magisters. And upon our arrival to Arx, the Paladins are just finishing up an assault against the Magisters, which explains the Magister corpses everywhere.Good! Fuck 'em!-On the way to the city center I passed through the harbour, hoping to fight the Kraken (payback time!), but instead had a rough fight against some nasty Voidwoken. Exploring the shipwreck in the harbour reveals that Dallis has gone to Lucian's crypt. So that's where we must go.-The Magister Barracks. We meet up with the commander of the Paladins, just as he's about the execute a Paladin. Apparently, she decided to show mercy to some local kids that had joined the Magisters for purely monetary reasons.

Our adventures have shown that even a bad organization can contain good people, so I convinced him to let the Paladin live. Her wife was pleased with this.Lord Kemm, as the commander is called, explains that they haven't found anything incriminating on the Magisters, despite going through the Magister Barracks. If you want something done proprely, you got to do it yourself. Plenty of exploring later, and we find ourselves in a hidden vault under the Barracks. Magister Reimond, who I remember escaped me after I attacked him at the Blackpits, is all crazy and tries to set the place on fire. Despite his attempts at arson, we stomp him and his bodyguards.And then we discover some disturbing revelations. First: Dallis intends to use the Aetaren to destroy Lucian's remains and thus destroy the power of Divinity completely, removing it from Rivellon.

Will it banish the Voidwoken or leave the world defenceless?Second: Dallis' creepy companion, Vredeman, is actually the Mad King Bracchus! Resurrected by Tarquin! TARQUIN THAT IS FUCKING MISSING FROM MY GAME DUE TO A BUG. The journal says that I should really talk to to him about this. BUT OF COURSE I CAN'T BECAUSE HE DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE! I guess I'll be missing out on some clever solution to dealing with Vredeman/Bracchus, and instead be forced to brute force him somehow.

Witches eye divinity 2

Blech.And yeah, we find plenty of stuff pointing us in the direction of Lucian's crypt. As well as a few other leads surrounding that: a creepy toymaker that was involved in setting up traps in the crypt, and Arhu, the guardian of the crypt. I remember Arhu from the first game, and remember that he is a good guy, so it'll be good to link up with him.-A rat tells me that he's worried for his mistress, who is held by the Paladins in the Magister's prison cells. I go down there and discover that a ton of prisoners that the Magister's logged going into the prison have disappeared.

We also discover that the rat's mistress is none other than Windego! Back again!Apparently, she's now angry at the God King for abandoning her and wants to fight him.

She's still Sworn, though, so I can't trust her. Plus, I can't let her off the hook: she's been working REALLY hard to screw up the world. Instead, I killed her for good. Crushed her body, and finally managed to eat her spirit, stealing it from the grasp of the God King. Such is the fate of all who oppose me.-However, Ifan brings up an interesting idea about Divinity: how about spreading it out to everybody? What if the whole world was granted a piece of the pie, and then we could all unite against the Voidwoken? I like that idea, actually.-Arx is a big place, and even if this is what I suspect to be the final act, I feel a bit overwhelmed.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Cows

There's a lot of stuff to check out here, and I'm sure there's a lot to do besides the main quest to find and stop Dallis!-I have a 'The Black House' marked on my map, and I remember that that's where the shipments of Deathfog were meant to go. I'll make it a priority to check it out: getting the Deathfog out of the Magister's/Black Ring's hands feels important!-Besides that, my next goals are to check out the toymaker, try to find Arhu and find Sadha.-Also, goddammit Tarquin! I wonder if there isn't some way to spawn him in via console commands.

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