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Posts: 16103Joined: 9/8/2005From: La Salle, ColoradoStatus: offlineAfter taking several months off from playing AE, it is time to jump back into the game.Many of you may know that for the last 6-8 weeks the Reluctant Admiral Design Team has worked and created two all new Mods for our August Forum to play. Much of the work centered around my Thesis work in Grad School when I wrote 'Between the Storms: The Impact of Naval Disarmament on the United States Navy-1921-1936.'

The work that FatR, Juan G, JWE/Symon, BK, Red Lancer, and a batch of other people centered on Yamamoto's rise to naval Minister in 1937. Instead of moving to command Combined Fleet he followed what his mentor wanted (and LIVES to tell about it). The work done there focused on those last couple of years prior to Pearl Harbor.I've been quite proud of how well RA has done and all the changes, twists, and modifications we've made to it over the last few years, however, I always felt something was missing. FatR and I worked on the Perfect War Mod and brought a lot of ideas forward that had been in my research for the Thesis. Unfortunately that Mod has yet to be completed so I decided to take some of the work done there and create a pure vanilla Scenario ONE campaign that simply added a few new shiny toys for all sides to enjoy.This is what the Treaty Mod is.

It is DBB-Based with only a few news ships added to the OOB. Here is the Scenario Description:Scenario 45 The Treaty ModThe Treaty ModALTNAV 1922-1937The Treaty Mod for AE has been created to reflect a slightly different outcome of the historic Washington and London Naval Conferences: 1922-1937. With little changes and tweaks to the Treaty System, a slightly a-historic outcome is produced. It should be noted that no changes are made to any major power from 1937-1941.The Washington ConferenceCharles Evans Hughes blueprint for disarmament gets out and the Japanese stonewall a Naval Conference for a full year. The Conference does take place in 1922 and disarmament is agreed upon, however, there are additions allowed due to the added time to get the meeting going.

The whole Mutsu Debate is scrapped due to Mutsu actually being ready and deployed at that point. While maintaining the 5-5-3 ratio between Great Britain, the United States, and Japan, there are several new outcomes:1.

The Japanese then argue to keep either a Tosa or a pair of the Amagi Class battlecruisers. The Americans carry the day in arguing for the Lexington-Class battlecruisers being completed. They gain the Ranger and Constellation (while scrapping BB Mississippi to maintain balance), Great Britain gets the option to build a pair of Super-Hoods (while additionally scrapping Royal Sovereign), and Japan completes Amagi-Class Ishitaka.2. The whole subject of CVs is reworked:a.

Allow two 'experimental' CVs (two Hosho's and two Langley's)b. Two BC conversions are allowed but further treaty tonnage is added for one more CVL to be built by both Japan and USA. The Americans build the King’s Mountain (proto-Independence Class) and the Japanese back off the failed Ryujo design to build Ryukaku (a proto-CVL as well).The London ConferenceMoving on to the London Conference (1930) and the subject of Cruisers is re-worked:1. Japan-at all costs-sticks to its goal of 70% for CAs (instead of 60%).

This allows for GB and USA to build two more CAs (USA: Burlington and Rome) while Japan gains one.2. Great Britain-who nearly scrapped the treaty due to the issue of CAs and CLs-stands firm over its argument and forces a larger tonnage for CLs. USA adds USS Anchorage and Dallas.3. Both Japan and the United States were looking at hybrid Cruiser—CVs and they force Great Britain, following the example set with the Washington BC—CV Conversions, to allow for two hybrids each in the early-30s. Posts: 16103Joined: 9/8/2005From: La Salle, ColoradoStatus: offlineMy opponent in this game is a long-time friend Lew Nelson (aka Adm Nelson). We get along fantastically and enjoy each others playing style.

We have played each other twice and gone will into 1943 both times so this should be a long-term game.I wrote Lew just a while ago that I was starting to work on my Turn ONE and would fire it to him today or tomorrow.In starting turn work I've found that RA has soooooooooooooo spoiled me that it was like returning to the womb here. Having to refresh myself on a historical start with only a few new options to play with.As of yet, there is no GRAND PLAN for total defeat of the Allies. Have my 'normal' ideas and moves but that is as far as I've gotten to this point. For those who do not know me, I am as aggressive as they come in this game. Here is the minimum perimeter for Japan:1.

South Pacific: Horn, PM, New Caledonia, Efate, and Luganville.2. Central Pacific: Normal plus Midway.3. NW Australia4. Aleutians: Cold Bay/Harbour and all points west5. Upper Burma/SE IndiaTo make it interesting, we may take all Northern Australia from Perth to Townsville including Tennant Creek and Alice Springs. Posts: 16103Joined: 9/8/2005From: La Salle, ColoradoStatus: offlineIn a radical departure from previous games, we have settled on a small set of House Rules:1. 1st turn can have multiple port attacks, but ONLY from carriers.

Manila and Singapore may have Fighters up and on CAP. Allies cannot transfer new Squadrons reflecting prior knowledge.2. PPs to move out of national borders (Japan - Manchuria, Thai) and (Allies - India, China)3. No strategic bombing (Oil, Resources, HI, LI, etc.) on EITHER side until July 1, 1943.4. Non-historic 1st turn, normal reinforcements, PDUs ON, orders for TF formed already OK, no transfers5. Four-Engine Bombers:a.

4E bombers restricted to 10k or higher for naval and ground attacks (does not include PBY/Mavis type patrol craft)b. 4E bombers CANNOT bomb troops except in Base Hexes. Posts: 12637Joined: 8/4/2010From: Winnipeg, MBStatus: offlinequote:ORIGINAL: John 3rdYou put up a screenshot of a CL. I assume you mean BC Ishitaka?That BAD BOY is gonna rock the house! Course before I get too excited I need to remember that the Americans got TWO Lexington-Class BCs (Ranger and Constellation) in exchange for the Japanese building this Capital Ship.Whoopsie! (Head slap here). I did mean Ishitaka.

Does it have less armor than the Nagatos? Can bombs penetrate the deck, or thinner side armor than the BBs?. Posts: 16103Joined: 9/8/2005From: La Salle, ColoradoStatus: offlineHave gotten roughly 2/3 of the way through Turn ONE. It is wild and crazy looking at the RL starting items, ships, planes, LCUs, and fuel/supply. I have been so used to RA over the last two years I often forget what the real Dec 7th looked like. There are SOOOOOOO many supplies and fuel caches compared to RA that I feel rich!

Not near enough flexibility in LBA and Naval LCUs but we can adapt and overcome.Planning Notes:1. I've ordered a whole batch of convoys to unload their troops and supplies do to simple stupidity. The biggest area of this is the Philippines and Marshalls area. I will reload how I WANT IT DONE and then send the TFs in.2. Malaya will be the focus.

Plan to bring six-seven ID to that party. Will land at Kuantan with everything, grab the AF, and then bounce down to Mersing.3. Will hit PH with all six CVs of Kido Butai and then scoot south to deal with threats down there.

With all the additions to the Allied OOB in the south, I don't dare make a major move in that region until I have CV support. KB is truly quick now. There is no Kaga and so my SLOWEST CV Carrion Division is 31 Knots.

That ROCKS!4. I have detailed the 144th Inf Reg to take Wake and not Guam. If that landing goes well they will then move on Midway.5.

Two Port strikes on Turn One. KB hits PH and KB-2 (CVLs Ryukaku, Ryujo, and Zuiho) hit Manila. They only have 42 Kates but I want to damage some of the SS present there.6. Move two additional Betty/Nell groups to Takao to add more firepower to hitting the AF in Luzon.

Two Daitai each for Iba and Manila while three hit Clark. That should PASTE those AF well.Those are the initial plans. Posts: 12637Joined: 8/4/2010From: Winnipeg, MBStatus: offline7mm less belt armour and 9 mm less tower armour but 3mm MORE deck armour - I'd say Amagi is a BB, not a BC.No real trade-off of armour or guns for the extra 8 kts speed. BCs are supposed to have some weakness relative to BBs.Scharnorst and Gneisenau sacrificed gun power to get battleship armour with high speed.British BCs sacrificed deck armour and still had to build a larger ship to get the speed they wanted.The Kongo class were built along British lines originally, and had armour added between the two World Wars.

They still wereweak in belt armour and carried fewer guns to get the speed.Anyhoo - just wanted to get a bead on what manner of beast the Amagi is. You've created a monster there!.

Posts: 16103Joined: 9/8/2005From: La Salle, ColoradoStatus: offlinePearl HarborDecember 7, 1941The war opens with a solid and well done attack against Battleship Row. The Kido Butai launch 92 Zero, 141 Val, and 144 Kate. CARDIV Five's Kanko Daitai attack and Airfields doing serious damage while the other four Kanko and all six Kambaku Daitais clobber Pearl Harbor. For the loss of five Vals (Kanko) and 18 Kates (Kambaku) the war opens.Results:Battleship RowArizona 3 800 Kg and 2 250 Kg Bombs with 1 TT hit. MAGAZINE EXPLOSION-SUNK!Oklahoma 1 250 Kg Bomb and 4 TTs: On Fire, Heavy DamageCalifornia 3 800 Kg and 2 250 Kg Bombs and 3 TTs: Heavy Damage, On FireNevada 2 800 Kg and 3 250 Kg Bombs and 5 TTs: On Fire, Heavy Damage POSSIBLY SUNK/SINKINGMaryland 3 800 Kg and 5 250 Kg Bombs and 2 TT: On FireWest Virginia: 4 800 Kg and 3 250 Kg Bombs and 7 TT: Heavy Damage, Heavy Fires PROBABLY SINKING!Tennessee 2 800 Kg Bombs and 2 TT: Heavy FiresCruisersCA San Francisco 1 800 Kg Bomb and 1 TT: On FireCL Helena, St.

Louis, and Anchorage 1 250 Kg Bomb each.Other ShipsAV Wright 2 800 Kg Bombs On Fire, PC SUNK, AO 1 800 Kg Bomb, AMc SUNKThere were three TT Duds. Three Daitai of Kates dropped Bombs with an equal amount dropping TTs. Like that number pretty well.

It worked very effectively.Looks like Arizona and West Virginia SUNK and possibly Nevada. NICE!KB retires towards Midway. Posts: 16103Joined: 9/8/2005From: La Salle, ColoradoStatus: offlineCriptop: It always seems to me that the PH attack gets either Arizona blown up or Oklahoma take 7 TTs. Does almost seem PROGRAMMED that way. Sad.Michael and I are always on the same page here. I am quite happy to see those CAs/CLs take damage to start with.

I mentioned there were three dud TTs in the attack and one was against San Fran (could have been SWEET!) and the other against the Anchorage.Lew and I are rolling. Just sent the 12-9 turn back to him. NO major surprises yet. Had a bad day with unescorted Betty/Nell over Luzon.

Lost almost 20 bombers due to my Zeros being STUPID! The massacre is thoroughly rolling along. Will Post details tonight after work. Posts: 16103Joined: 9/8/2005From: La Salle, ColoradoStatus: offlineWE have been getting in a 1 turn+ a day so have reached 12-11.

Plan on a thorough update later today (we're doing a Garage Sale right now) detailing action and events.I've decided to rule out the deep ball in a couple of locations for this campaign:1. India=Tar Baby. I hate the idea of messing with India in ANY game so we're throwing that out.2. Aussieland: We'll take NW Australia and push through Tennant Creek. No farther then that.3. Alaska: Useless and doesn't gain anything.4.

China: Will take what I want then settle into solid lines and buyout IJA units as fast as possible. Already plan on buying those three EXCELLENT Regiments that start in northern China (all have 80+ EXP).5. Hawaii: Not possible.Definite Planning:1.

I am skipping Wake to start with and am sending the South Seas Force and 15th Base Force to take Midway. They have BC Ishitaka and 4 CA added to BLAST those Marines in preparation for the landing. Line Islands: Will take these bases to deny them to the enemy. KB shall scoot over there in 2-3days and keep all reinforcements from arriving at Christmas until I can grab it.Those are the initial 'bigger' plans. Posts: 16103Joined: 9/8/2005From: La Salle, ColoradoStatus: offlineI have run on the same install of WitP for 2-3 years (since I bought this computer) and have heavily modified the file with JWEs Extended Map and Stacking Limits, updates, Betas, all sorts of additional ship/plane art, ChemKid's new (BEAUTIFUL) map, and all sorts of things I am currently forgetting The file is-as of this morning-CORRUPTED and dies at the same place every time. Ran it three times this morning.Have to do a complete install.

Nicest word presently circulating in my mind presently. Guess there will be no turns between lew and I for a day or two while I straighten this out.How many of you have had this rare and WONDERFUL gift happen to you?Suicide is a VIABLE choice presently.

. United Kingdom. United StatesLanguageEnglishBudget$30 millionBox office$150.9 millionDarkest Hour is a 2017 directed by and written. Set in May 1940, it stars as and is an account of his early days as during and the, while 's swept across Western Europe. The German advance leads to between those who would make a peace treaty with, and Churchill, who refused. The film also stars, and.The film had its world premiere at the on 1 September 2017, and it was also screened at the. It began a limited release in the United States on 22 November 2017, followed by general release on 22 December, and was released on 12 January 2018 in the United Kingdom.

The film grossed $150 million worldwide and received mainly positive reviews from critics, especially with regard to Oldman's physical transformation and acting, with many considering it to be one of the best performances of his career.The film earned Oldman his first, as well as the, the and the. At the the film earned six nominations, including, and won for Best Actor. At the it received nine nominations including.

Contents.Plot In May 1940, the opposition in of British Prime Minister for being too weak in the face of the Nazi onslaught. Chamberlain tells advisers that he wants as his successor, but Halifax does not feel the time is right. Chamberlain the only man whom the opposition parties will accept:, the, who had correctly predicted the danger from before the war.Churchill tries to dismiss his new secretary for mishearing him, which earns him a rebuke from his wife., who strongly distrusts Churchill due to his support for his brother during the, reluctantly invites him to. Churchill includes Chamberlain (as ) and Halifax (as ). That day, Germany invades Belgium and the Netherlands.Churchill has a poor reputation in Parliament because of his record in the Admiralty, his role in the, his views on and his past defection to the.

Parliament reacts coolly to Churchill's first speech promising '. Chamberlain and Halifax are appalled by Churchill's refusal to negotiate for peace, and begin to plan to resign from the government to force a, creating a situation in which Halifax would presumably become the Prime Minister. After they attempt to force him to admit this in writing, Churchill reminds Chamberlain of his role in the 1938 and the failure of.Churchill visits, who thinks Churchill delusional for not at least admitting that the Allies are losing the, while Churchill becomes furious that the French do not even have a plan to counterattack. Although is sympathetic to Churchill's plight, he is limited in action by an and the.

Churchill draws ire from his cabinet and his own advisers for delivering a radio address in which he falsely implies the Allies to be winning the war, earning him a rebuke from the King. Halifax and Chamberlain continue to push to use Italian Ambassador as intermediary to negotiate with Germany.The is and., Churchill orders Brigadier in Calais to lead the in a rear guard action to distract the enemy and buy time for the soldiers at Dunkirk to evacuate. Layton's brother is killed during the retreat.The debacle in France causes the War Cabinet to support negotiating with Germany. Under heavy pressure, Churchill agrees to consider a negotiated peace, but is unable to bring himself to dictate a letter requesting peace with Hitler. George VI unexpectedly visits Churchill; the King explains that he has come to like Churchill, and encourages him to continue the war.

Still uncertain of what to do, Churchill impulsively rides the (for the first time in his life) and asks the startled passengers their opinion; the civilians unanimously want to continue to fight. Churchill meets with the Outer Cabinet and other Members of Parliament, and receives their support. The evacuation of troops from Dunkirk, is successful.As Churchill prepares to address Parliament, Halifax asks Chamberlain to continue with their plan to resign, but Chamberlain decides to listen to the address first.

Toward the end of his speech, Churchill proclaims that ' should the Germans invade. Chamberlain decides to support Churchill, and Parliament applauds the Prime Minister's defiance.

The film ends by stating that Operation Dynamo rescued over 300,000 allied soldiers; Chamberlain would die of cancer in December 1940 while Halifax would be dismissed from the war cabinet and instated as the; and that the Allies would finally defeat Germany in May 1945, after which Churchill was voted out of power in the.Cast. Filming took place at the in Manchester, England as well as the.On 5 February 2015, it was announced that had acquired Darkest Hour, a by screenwriter, about in the early days of World War II.On 29 March 2016, it was reported that was in talks to direct the film. In April 2016, was reported to be in talks to play Churchill.

Darkest Hour Modern Day Mod 2

On 6 September 2016, it was announced that would release the film in the United States on 24 November 2017, while was set to play and was cast as. On 8 November 2016, joined the cast.By November 2016, Darkest Hour had begun, and it was reported that would score the film. For his role as Churchill, Oldman spent over 200 hours having make-up applied, and smoked over 400 cigars (worth about $20,000) during filming. Filming took place in, England at both the and, both doubling for the and feature heavily in the film.was initially cast as British prime minister. However, according to Oldman, Hurt was undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer and was unable to attend the read-throughs.

Assumed the role of Chamberlain instead. Hurt died from cancer in January 2017.For locations, the exterior of House in, was used for the telegram sequence that sees Churchill's secretary Elizabeth Layton receive a telegram from. In featured as the location for both General Ramsay's Operations HQ and the Calais Garrison.

Reception Box office Darkest Hour grossed $56.5 million in the United States and Canada, and $93.8 million in other countries (including $33.4 million in the UK), for a worldwide total of $150.2 million.In the United States and Canada, the film began a limited release on 22 November 2017. In its first five days, it grossed $246,761 from four theatres (an average of $61,690), finishing 21st at the box office over the weekend.

The film had its wide release on 22 December 2017, alongside the openings of, and, and the wide release of, and grossed $3.9 million from 804 theatres over that weekend, and $5.5 million over the four-day Christmas frame. 85% of its audience was over the age of 25, with 30% being 50 or older. The following weekend the film made $5.5 million, and a total of $7 million over the four-day New Years frame. The weekend of 27 January 2018, following the announcement of the film's six Oscar nominations, it made $2.1 million.

Critical response. 's performance as garnered widespread critical acclaim and earned him the.On website, the film holds an approval rating of 84% based on 284 reviews, with an average rating of 7.3/10. The website's critical consensus reads, ' Darkest Hour is held together by Gary Oldman's electrifying performance, which brings Winston Churchill to life even when the movie's narrative falters.' On, which assigns a weighted average rating to reviews, the film has a normalised score of 75 out of 100, based on 50 critics, indicating 'generally favorable reviews'. Reported that over 90% of audience members gave the film a rating of either 'excellent' or 'very good'.Oldman was praised for his performance, with numerous critics labelling him a frontrunner to win the, an award he would later go on to win.

Of wrote: 'Get busy engraving Oldman's name on an Oscar. Those fearing that Darkest Hour is nothing but a dull tableau of blowhard stuffed shirts will be relieved to know that they're in for a lively, provocative historical drama that runs on its own nonstop creative fire.' David Ehrlich of praised Wright's direction and the musical score, writing: 'Unfolding with the clockwork precision of a Broadway play. It's a deliciously unsubtle testament to the power of words and their infinite capacity to inspire.' Conversely, Brian Tallerico of called the film 'an acting exercise weighed down by costumes, make-up, and over-lighting', adding that 'there's nothing new to the approach. It feels often like an obligation—a story that someone felt should be told again and a way to get a great actor his Oscar'. Home media Darkest Hour was released on digital streaming platforms on 6 February 2018 and on Blu-ray, DVD and 4K UHD Blu-ray on 12 June 2018.

Historical accuracy Writing in, historian and academic John Broich called Darkest Hour 'a piece of historical fiction that undertakes a serious historical task', presenting the British decision to fight Hitler as a choice rather than as inevitable. The situation in 1940 was as dire as depicted, but liberties were taken with the facts. The on-screen shouting matches over possible peace negotiations were fictional.

The journey on the London Underground was also fictional, and there is historical evidence that most British people were not immediately inspired by Churchill's speeches. Believed that ordinary people already felt subjugated and might not object to a 'new order.' There is no conclusive evidence that Chamberlain and Viscount Halifax were planning an imminent vote of no confidence, though that threat existed until the mid-war victories in North Africa. It is a fact that Churchill was an object of suspicion for his fellow Tories. The Labour Party confirmed that they would serve in a national government under another leader than Chamberlain, but did not name Churchill.In, wrote: 'in late May of 1940, when the Conservative grandee Lord Halifax challenged Churchill, insisting that it was still possible to negotiate a deal with Hitler, through the good offices of Mussolini, it was the steadfast anti-Nazism of Attlee and his Labour colleagues that saved the day – a vital truth badly underdramatized in the current Churchill-centric film, Darkest Hour'.

This criticism was echoed by Adrian Smith, emeritus professor of modern history at the, who wrote in the that the film was 'yet again overlooking Labour's key role at the most dangerous moment in this country's history. In May 1940 its leaders gave Churchill the unequivocal support he needed when refusing to surrender. Ignoring Attlee's vital role is just one more failing in a deeply flawed film'.Referring to 's comment that the film was 'superb propaganda', wrote in: 'I would call the film propaganda, more generally – and a great example of the kind of myth we like to promote in modern Britain.

Churchill has been re-branded as a tube-travelling, minority-adoring genius, in line with a general understanding of him as 'the greatest Briton of all time'.' Hirsch also criticized the film for 'perpetuating the idea that Winston Churchill stood alone, at, as Nazi fascism encroached, with Britain a small and vulnerable nation isolated in the north Atlantic. In reality the United Kingdom was at that moment an imperial power with the collective might of Indian, African, Canadian and Australian manpower, resources and wealth at its disposal.' The film gives the impression that both Clemmie and the King were able to listen to the 'beaches' speech live from Parliament.

This was impossible because radio broadcasts from Parliament did not start until the 1970s. Whilst Churchill did record the speech for posterity, he did not make the recording until 1949. Nor did he, unlike some other speeches, repeat that speech on the radio shortly after giving it in Parliament.

Darkest Hour Modern Day Mod

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