Coding Interview Questions 1st Edition Narasimha Karumanchi Pdf Download

If you are preparing for a technical interview on software development sector and looking for some great books to boost your preparation, you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to share some of the best programming/coding interview books to prepare well for any software development jobs. These books are enough to crack even the toughest of the job interviews at Google, Microsoft, or Amazon. They provide excellent coverage of all essential topics for programming job interviews e.g. Data structure and algorithms, system design, algorithm design, computer science fundamentals, SQL, Linux, Java, Networking etc.Even if you are not preparing for Google or Facebook but some service-based companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS or CTS or some Investment banks like JP Morgan, Morgan Stanely or Barclays you will benefit from these list of books.

2.This is one fo the first book I read on programming job interviews, before that I wasn't even aware that there are books to help you crack technical job interview. Like the previous book, this also contains questions from various important topics for coding interviews e.g., linked list, string, SQL, networking, problem-solving and puzzles. If you have to buy just one book then buy the previous one, which is more up-to-date but if you can afford, this book will also help you to learn and understand coding problems better. 3.This is just a terrific and amazing book on Algorithm, it's the best book you can expect to crack some of the toughest programming job interviews in the book e.g. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple's technical jobs. The book contains questions based on algorithms and data structure and if you can solve them by your own, you are fully ready for job interviews. It also contains some solved question which teaches you how you can apply algorithms to solve real world problems.

In short, one of the must buy the book for programming job interview. 5.This is one of the oldest books to prepare for technical job interview, but as they say, 'Old is Gold', this book is truly remarkable on teaching you fundamentals of computer science and programming. Some of the classic questions from this book e.g. Sorting 1 million integers with very less RAM are still popular.

This book is not a replacement of any good algorithm book e.g. Or Algorithms 4th Edition but it complements them. It is also a very interesting book to read so you won't fall asleep while reading this in your commute to the office.6.This is the must read the book if you are preparing for Java programming job interview. Since Java interviews not only focus on coding and programming but also on Java fundamentals, knowledge of Java API e.g. JDBC, Java Collection Framework, JVM Internals and popular frameworks like, JUnit etc. This book helps you to prepare for all those apart from standard coding and data structure and algorithm questions. The book is good for both junior and senior level Java developer job interviews.

Coding Interview Questions 1st Edition Narasimha Karumanchi Pdf Download

8.This is another good book to prepare for programming job interviews. This book solely focuses on Dynamic programming techniques for problem-solving. The authors of the book Meenakshi and Kamal Rawat has done a good job on explaining how you can use dynamic programming and recursion to solve a problem e.g. How do you compute 80th term of a. The book is also fun to read.9.This is another good book for a technical job interview which will not only teach you about standard algorithms but also how to use those algorithms to solve a particular problem.

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They give you step by step guidance on applying a known algorithm to solve unknown problems. This book is particularly useful for candidates preparing job on big tech giants which focus on innovation e.g.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, ThoughtWorks, Intel etc. That's all about some of the best books to prepare for technical interviews for programming Jobs. The list includes books which will teach you all essential topics for interview e.g. Data structure and algorithms, system design, algorithm design, SQL, dynamic programming, programming language e.g. Java as well as the soft skill required to crack a programming job interview.

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Coding Interview Questions Pdf Narasimha Karumanchi Pdf

The first two book in this list are must read for any level of programmer e.g. Both fresher's and experienced because it will refresh all essential topics for software development jobs.Further LearningMore Resources for Coding Job Interviews5 websites to prepare for Data Structure and Algorithm Questions Top 20 String Algorithm Interview Questions Top 30 Array Interview Questions for Programmers Top 20 Amazon and Google Programming Questions Top 10 SQL queries from Interviews Top 50 Programming Phone Interview questions 133 Core Java Interview Questions from last 5 years Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these book recommendations then please share with your friends and colleagues. If you have any question or suggestion or any book you want to see in this list then please drop a note.

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