Battlefront 2 Crash On Start

Hotfix incoming.It’s frustrating to see and experience but at least DICE is aware of the issue.This won’t alleviate your frustration in the short term as a hotfix is in the works, but it is scheduled for next week.The team believes it has identified the problem and will be deploying a fix for it. This news came first in a post on Reddit.Capital Supremacy takes the typical 20v20 combat Battlefront 2 offered and bumped it up to 32v32 on the ground of Geonosis by featuring AI soldiers. The AI will be disabled for the time being as it’s possible they were causing the problem.Star Wars Battlefront 2 is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.Here’s the post as it was.Want to give you a quick heads up to let you know that we are planning a hotfix, currently aiming for a release next week. We will be finishing work on the hotfix today and it will then have a few days of additional testing and other deployment processes that are required before we can release.The hot fix will focus on a number of crashes that have been occurring since this week’s Capital Supremacy update. We will have the full release notes ahead of its deployment.At this time, we are planning to leave the AI switched off in Capital Supremacy. With our tests today, we have found that having them switched off is reducing the majority of crashes that have been occurring.

  1. Battlefront 2 Crashes On Game Start

The current plan is to re-enable them once we have confirmed stability.

Battlefront 2 Crashes On Game Start

Battlefront 2 Crash On Start

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has had a messy launch. But if you do decide to go ahead and play it, there is one thing you will find, at least for the PC version. It’s mostly well optimized. This makes sense- DICE is, after all, a developer that found its start making great games for PC.

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