68 72 A Body Front Stub For Sale

.PLUS OUR ROLL CAGE 'FIT' IS SECOND TO NONE!! THAT'S WHY CUSTOMERS KEEP COMING BACK!!.NOTE.All of our roll cage kits are madea little LONG at the floor side (or openend) of each tube. This givesthe installer some latitude so aperfect fit is obtainablefor the shorter or taller drivers.NOTE.Prenotching is a $20 option.We only prenotch upto 8 point 'roll bars' formost applications. Youwill have to do some fitting ¬ching for 'roll cages' to getthe best fit for the sizeof the driver!

Typically the'Roof Hoop/Halo' and 'A-pillar'bars are not prefit!.DIFFERENT RB & RC PRODUCTS (on this page).FUNNY CAR ADD-ON (on this page).ROLL BAR/CAGE SAFETY ITEMS (on this page). 4,6,8pnt-Roll Bars are made from1-3/4' OD x.134 wall ERW tubing.10,12,14pnt&up-Roll Cages are made from1-5/8' OD x.134 wall ERW tubing.-4130 Chromoly roll bars and cagesare made from 1 3/4' OD and1 5/8' OD x.083 wall tubing respectively.-DOM 1 5/8' OD and 1 3/4' x.120 wall('drawn over mandrel').mildsteel tubing available.call for pricing.NOTE: Chromoly tubing does NOT have achrome finish!At AUTO WELD, as with most of our products,roll bars and cages are manufactured in-house to assure the best of quality. Shown below are just some of our roll bar hoops. Two types offered:.#6300, 6300CM/upper.#6301, 6301CM /lowerIncludes:-Helmet Main Loop-Top Stubs (2 ea.)-Helmet Back Braces (2 ea.)-Rear Stub-Rear Helmet Circle-Left Helmet Stub-Helmet Bar-Right Helmet Circle-Inside side bar (#6300).or. Wrap around helmet mainhoop.(#6301).PART#6300&6301.MILD STEEL.$188.95.PART#6300CM&6301CM.CHROMOLY.$329.95.NOTE: #6300,#6300CM Inside sidebar attaches to seat braceand right frame rail.NOTE: #6301, #6301CMthe main bar turns back andattaches to the seat brace insteadof going to the right sidebar/frame rail.ABOVE.THREE WAYS TO ATTACH A ROLLCAGE.PLATES & 2x3&2x4 OUTRIGGERS.UNI-BODY CARS AND TRUCKS.

68 72 A Body Front Stub For SaleAftermarket gm a body frame

6'x6'square plates are used and'included standard' in roll barand roll cage kits.FULL FRAME CARS AND TRUCKSIn cases where the main hoop is widerthan the frame (such as pickups) an'Outrigger kit' is available below.Used when installing a roll cageor roll bar when the bottom of thecage is wider than the frame.suchas a pickup truck.Consists of 4 pieces of 2x4x11gaor 2x3x11ga box steel and 4 flatpieces of steel to cap off theends. Cut at different lengthsfor different vehicles!Outriggers are welded to the sidesof the frame. These act as asupport for the roll cage.(must specify when ordering).$25.00.Note: 'Full Frame' cars such as1987 Monte Carlo.no plates areprovided. Cage is designed to welddirectly to the OE frame.31 CHEVY 5-WINDOW COUPE36-38 CHEVY, PONTIAC, BUICK, COUPE36-39 CHEVY, PONTIAC, BUICK, 4-DOOR34-35 CHEVY 3-WINDOW COUPE CHOP40-41 CHEVY COUPE62-63 PONTIAC, TEMPEST65 PONTIAC GTO96 GRAND AM67-69 CAMARO, FIREBIRD67-69 CAMARO, FIREBIRD CONVERTIBLE70-81 CAMARO, FIREBIRD82-92 CAMARO, FIREBIRD82-93 CAMARO, FIREBIRD CONVERTIBLE94-2002 CAMARO, FIREBIRD62-64 NOVA, CHEVY II66-67 NOVA, CHEVY II68-72 NOVA, CHEVY II64-67 CHEVELLE64-67 LEMANS,GTO68-72 CHEVELLE.

Untitled documentWE HONOR ALL TCI SPECIAL OFFERS AS WELL AS OFFERING ADDITIONAL 'FAB QUEST ONLY' FREE UPGRADES, WEB SPECIAL PRICING & BUNDLES ON ACCESORIES PURCHASED WITH TCI KITS!State of the art, weld in or bolt in front suspension kits. If you would like your ride to handle like a sports car then a modern fully independent suspension set up will be the only way to achieve that goal. Total Cost Involved IFS kits are the best on the market and many times will be the only kit available for your street rod or classic muscle car.

Each kit is custom engineered for a specific application thus taking advantage of each cars specific frame and or uni-body mounting points. Articulation and ride height will be optimizeable for each vehicle allowing you to easily tailor your suspension for compliance (ride quality) or performance.Many upgrade options are available and listed below.

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FAB Quest offers the very best pricing possible from the most basic kit to a fully optioned out stainless show stopper. For faster searching use the 'Search By Car' button on the red bar to your upper right.

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